Floating Solar: Energy Where You Need It

Representative Floating Solar Installation

Splash is Floating Solar is an innovative system that allows PV panels to be installed on large bodies of water such as drinking water reservoirs, quarry lakes, irrigation canals, or remediation and tailing ponds. Floating Solar takes advantage of underused surface area to generate electricity and turn an energy liability into an income producing asset.

A simple and affordable alternative to ground-mount solar systems, floating solar is particularly suitable for energy and water-intensive industries who cannot afford to waste either land or water. By covering a significant surface area on a body of water, the system conserves water by reducing evaporation, while the shading from its panels limits algae growth. The system presents no risks or dangers to wildlife and surrounding habitats when implemented. Furthermore, the location of the solar cells can make a big difference in longevity since there is a reduced risk of destruction due to wildlife, storms and earthquakes.

Another advantage is the fact that a floating platform on the water creates a shadow effect on the water and thereby reduces the heating and consequential dissipation of the water. This is of course of highest importance in irrigation dams and similar locations, where the water can be kept in the dam rather than dissipating into the air. This added shade also reduces algae growth in the vicinity.

Furthermore, the natural cooling effect provided by the water allows the PV panels to operate more efficiently and produce more power than traditional ground-mounted systems. Floating solar is the perfect solution for many types of water bodies, including dams, quarry lakes, irrigation or water reclamation reservoirs, and water treatment holding ponds. Additionally, these man-made water bodies are typically unobstructed from the sun, kept out of sight, and located near energy-intensive processes making these spaces ideal candidates for solar PV systems.