Factors To Be Considered While Purchasing Cricket Bats

If cricket is your hobby or passion, it is very important to select a perfect cricket bat for yourself. Almost every bat looks like the same, however there are some features that make them as well as their price tags different. A less expensive cricket bat may fulfill your needs better than an expensive one, only if you follow certain steps while purchasing one for yourself.

You can easily get a bat for less cost online than what you can get offline. Generally online stores have fewer costs owing to their alliances with certain manufacturers. Moreover, almost every online site ensures proper guarantee of its bats so that you can exchange or return it if its size or weight is not as per your requirement. However, checking the size, weight and pickup of a bat in some local store near you before buying it online can get you exactly what you want.

1. Requirement

Whenever you buy a cricket bat online, keep all your requirements in mind. Carefully select the model of the bat and go for the one that perfectly fits your need. It is important to note that bats are designed according to certain styles, such as those who like to hit big while others who wish to play those delicate shots more.

2. Size

Cricket bats come in different sizes and therefore it is very important to choose the correct size among them. For example, size 6 will be perfect for children with 11–12 years of age. Although, sizes 5 or 4 are great for little younger ones. In addition, if you are attending a club or playing for your school, senior size(SH/LH) is more suitable for you. Too large or too small cricket bat will most certainly hinder your playing ability.

3. Reliable Company

When you buy a cricket bat online, always go for a reliable or trustable company. Nowadays, there are a number of good bat manufacturers available to choose from.

4. Suitable Willow

Nothing is more significant than choosing the right willow for your bat. The one you choose should be of ideal size so that it doesn’t feel either bulky or too small to you. Moreover, cricket bat willow is ranked on a scale from G1+ to G4. The highest willow grade is G1+ and is used by the top professionals. It is unbleached with straight even grains, without any marking or discolouration. Grade 4 (G4) willow is the lowest one and often has a covering on the face, like an anti-scuff covering.

5. Weight

The weight of the bat is the most important factor for all. Always choose a lighter bat as a heavier bat may affect your performance big time. However, the weight differs according to manufacturer as well as the willow used. For adults, it is advisable to pick the weight of around 2’ 8–2’ 10 oz.

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