How to Make the Right Call while Buying Batting Pads Online

Cricket is a singular sports that dominates every age group. It glorifies the players in an exemplary manner. They are treated no less than warriors, and warriors need armor. Batting pads are a batsman’s armor, protecting his legs and giving a smooth arc of movement. Now buy batting pads online with just one click.

The key to selecting correct pads are: Movement and Protection.

  • Finding a correct pair of pads can be tricky. It depends on the size which in turn will facilitate the proper angle and movement.
  • Correctly sizing up the pads can be done by making sure that your knee cap is centered in “knee roll”. If it is more than an inch away from it, it is suggested to look for the next size.
  • Sometimes having the pads positioned over or under your shoe’s tongue can adjust the height of knee roll on your leg. This can permit for around half an inch of additional movement to attain the perfect fit of it.
  • There are many different styles of pads available with different levels of protection to choose from. Most pads are constructed using either “Cane” or “Foam”, or a combination of both. Foam construction pads will normally weigh less, whilst the cane will offer excellent protection.

The level of cricket being played will assist in choosing the right pair of batting pads offering the correct level of protection, and could also make the difference between picking up a quick single and being run out.

For the best fit and protection, the knee must sit directly at the back of the top knee bar while the base must rest over your shoe.

Straps should be fed through the plastic buckles and buckles should be on the outside leg.

Young players who grow steadily each year are recommended to check their pads at the start of each season to ensure they are protected correctly.

Why online?

  • To buy batting pads online means goodbye to trouble of going to the store.
  • Easy shipment at your doorstep.
  • No hassle about the size not being right. The refund policies are equally good and flexible.

Splay Sports is your one click solution to buy batting pads online. It is an online sports company that specializes in a variety of goods and equipment. It provides goods at low affordable prices regardless if you are a professional or a beginner. So put your best foot forward with confidence.

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