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Happy New Year!

We are excited about the new year as we are making intentional moves to make living easier for Nigerians and Africans as a whole and hope you are too.

We want you on this journey with us as we are aware we cannot do it alone but first of all, knowing where we are coming from is important, so here goes.

Spleet was born from the constant ambition to move out one’s parent’s house, due to the lack of upfront rent of 1 to 2 years, required by homeowners in Nigeria. The other alternative, was to squat at a friend’s place which was the case, until it occurred that what the average millennial, business professional, tourist really needs is a space to function effectively, without having to take an entire house.

In addition, we also noticed a great portion of travellers, tourists, as well as locals still crave the pleasant feeling of having a home away from their home experience, networking with like minds, being able to cook or make their favourite meal on a not-so-lazy day at a significant fraction of the cost of a hotel.

The passion to solve this problem, gave birth to Spleet.

However, starting out wasn’t easy. Raising capital for the business was a big decision, as the initial ideation stage of Spleet from a distance, felt like we needed a lot of money to start with. So far, Spleet has survived solely on revenues generated from inception but we are in the process of raising funds to further scale as the business has proven its viable opportunity.

Our biggest challenge starting out was getting good properties as we knew that demand and request for spaces were high. Convincing homeowners to give us their property while having a pact to also have it furnished required a deliberate and aggressive strategy as well as a hustle spirit. Nevertheless, this remains a challenge we combat every day to push the boundaries while ensuring space seekers are satisfied with each Spleet space.

So, what’s Spleet all about?

Spleet offers a variety of flexible rental payment options i.e daily, monthly and quarterly RENTAL SUBSCRIPTION for co-shared, fully-furnished spaces, which entails sharing a house with vetted business professionals, millennial and just about any living space seeker or taking up an entire space by one’s self.

Who’s Spleet’s target audience?

We would describe our target audience as working professionals, millennials and digital nomads wanting the sociability and convenience of a co-living but failing to find quality accommodation as well as flexible payment options. As a result of this, we started with the budding city of Lagos, particularly on the Island with our first Spleet space in Lekki 1, beyond that, we have expanded to Oniru, V.I, other parts of Lekki for our monthly spaces with further plans of getting spaces in Surulere, Yaba, Festac.

We also aggregate daily rental spaces. By aggregate; we have partnered with homeowners who would rather put up their spaces for daily rental and presently the daily spaces on our platform cover more locations which currently are; Lekki, VGC, V.I, Ikoyi, Oniru, Gbagada, and Omole.

In our first year (2018), we were able to fill all our monthly spaces due to the high demand of this flexible payment option (to our surprise) and have learnt a lot from customer interaction with our business as well as their reactions to certain ideologies within our business model.

Our journey so far has been an interesting one and we are taking all the information, data, learning from this journey to better the experiences of our members.


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