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The Trump GOP is killing Democracy and the House vote on Trumpcare proves it

This administration is endlessly frustrating. It’s hard to pick just one corruption topic to cover. Russia? Conflicts of Interest? Nepotism? Financial Transparency? Disregard for constitutional law? Disregard for human rights? All of these subjects are more than alarming, they are terrifying. For me, the most disconcerting thing about all of this is that very few Republicans are holding Trump accountable. They are blatantly and purposefully turning a blind eye to the corruption for their benefit. Worse, the president’s behavior seems to have a trickle-down effect, paving the way for far-right conservatives like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to steamroll legislation through the House without due process.

Traditionally when legislation is introduced in Congress, it gets vetted by this committee or that committee, The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analyzes the effect the legislation would have, and then the bill goes to the floor for bipartisan debate.

Enter the American Health Care Act (AHCA), aka Trumpcare.

This bill advanced out of the Rules Committee less than 24 hours before the vote. It didn’t even make it to the CBO. That is very likely due to the unfavorable report released by the CBO in March, stating that nearly 24 million people will become uninsured under the AHCA. Even more alarming than that number; the Trump GOP dismissed the report and told the public not to trust it. THEY TOLD US NOT TO TRUST THE BIPARTISAN, NEUTRAL ASSESSMENT OF THE BILL! That is sickening. These checks and balances are in place to prevent democracy from failing, to disregard them would only push us further into authoritarianism.

Furthermore, the bill went to the floor for debate after the Trump GOP had votes lined up. Trump even met with members one on one, behind closed doors. This is not a new technique but a very shady one.

Constituents didn’t get a say this time around either. The Trump GOP, in cowardly fashion, pushed the vote through before members were due to leave DC, and go back to their districts to face the music. Trump GOP representatives believe that they only need to answer to their constituents in an election season.

The new Trump GOP is demanding that we blindly trust the government, we ask no questions, disregard unfavorable reports, distrust the media who are there to keep us informed and do so all with our eyes closed. They have blurred the lines between fact and alternative fact and successfully played to people’s fears. But I ask you, who should be afraid? Shouldn’t they be answering to us, the people?

The way this administration and the Republican House is behaving is not only unpatriotic, it is anti-democratic and outside of the will of the people.