Affordable Care Act: Thank you for contacting the White House, Day 5

[This post is part of a series that chronicles my daily message to Donald Trump.]

Recent resistance suggestions by former congressional and campaign staffers do not tout the efficacy of petitions. However, if you’re writing the president every day for four years, they are certainly a good source of copy. Today’s missive is adopted from a petition Tell Trump, Ryan and O’Connell, No Obamacare Repeal without a Plan.

“The Obama things that he’s got goin’ on.”

I also thought that I’d been insulting Trump a lot in the first four days, and I don’t want to peak too soon.


I am petitioning you to do right by the American people by not rushing to repeal the Affordable Care Act until you and Congress can show the American people a socially responsible and fiscally feasible plan for affordable, accessible health care.

We heard throughout the presidential campaign that the GOP can do better than Obamacare. We also heard you clearly state, in a tweet: “I was the first & only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid.” In his opening remarks to the new Congress on Jan 3rd, Speaker Paul Ryan declared: “And so I want to say to the American people, ‘We hear you. We will do right by you. And we will deliver.’”

With respect to healthcare “to deliver” means improved access (in addition to the 20 million people added with Obamacare), improved health benefits, affordable health benefits and lower overall costs.

To Repeal Obamacare through a backdoor budget reconciliation bill without including the plan for improvement is NOT “doing right by the American people”, it is nothing more than the old politics we have seen… “politics in the swamp.”

The American people voted for real actions that will affect their lives positively. The GOP has to “get out of the swamp” and send their promised plan for improved affordable, accessible health care, including the transition plan from Obamacare, to the House floor to be voted on.

Repeal without a plan is NOT a solution.