Blockchain and Blogging: A Winning Combo

I discovered cryptocurrency just over five years ago when my brother gifted me some BTC with which he had no idea what to do. Since I also had no idea what to do, I found the BTC dice gambling sites and started making tiny bets.

Quite quickly, my little bit of BTC turned into a little bit more than a little bit, so I diversified into the up-and-coming new cryptocurrency, Ethereum. A single Ether token was worth about $15 at the time, so I was ecstatic when it shot up more than 10x in 2016. Now my journey in cryptocurrency could truly begin.

I Found a Home With Steem

STEEM is the original proof-of-stake blockchain in which tokens are made to reward the creators and curators of content on the blockchain. Creators can make pretty much anything rewarding with this type of platform, from memes to pictures of their dinner, to lengthy dissertations and valuable articles.

Proof-Of-Stake means that you are able to issue rewards proportional to how much of the native blockchain currency (STEEM in this case) you have staked. Staking is a process that locks in your tokens for a period of time, powering them up and using them to generate passive income.

With STEEM, I finally found a place where people were interested in my ideas, words, songs and stories. There may not have been thousands or even hundreds of people viewing my work, but those who did appreciated it.

Splinterlands: Formerly Steem Monsters

Splinterlands: A Date with Destiny

When I discovered Splinterlands, I knew right away that creating gaming content and promoting the power of blockchains was my destiny.

Through endless hours of hard work, I was able to earn a place on the Splinterlands development team, a fact for which I’m extremely grateful.

Splinterlands is the first and best example of blockchain technology applied to collectible gaming. The concept has continually blown my mind, and continues to do so every day as we expand the world and explore the limitless possibilities. I see new applications for non-fungible tokens and blockchain assets that will push the limit of what it means to be a collector.

Interact with the HIVE blockchain at A New Place for Rewards

Because of recent above-my-pay-grade drama from the new self-proclaimed leadership of the STEEM blockchain, the decentralized community had to bail and build a new blockchain to keep themselves free and secure. It was all over the Twitterverse for weeks, with #steemhostiletakeover being tagged frequently.

The transition to a new blockchain has gone smoothly; right away, the value of the STEEM token began to drop as people realized that it could now be manipulated by the rich and powerful. At the same time, as people realized that the HIVE blockchain was a haven for these freedom-loving content creators, the value of the HIVE token began to grow.

Now, after only a few short weeks, HIVE is thriving and STEEM is flailing. Splinterlands is migrating to the HIVE blockchain in the next couple of days, where we will continue leading the pack in blockchain gaming.

At, users earn cryptocurrency for sharing gaming content and more!

Gaming and Sharing for Rewards

With Splinterlands (and most blockchain games) there are many ways to earn rewards. Consistent with the model of proof-of-stake used by the HIVE blockchain, the stronger your deck of Splinterlands NFTs, the greater your reward potential becomes.

But with Splinterlands, you can also earn cryptocurrency for sharing your battles, posting about strategy, creating fan art, writing stories and more. Since Splinterlands is intrinsically connected to the blockchain, the Splinterlands HIVE wallet holds a large stake. This allows Splinterlands to reward nearly $100 each day to our amazing community, the creators of Splinterlands content.

When you can take advantage of every benefit HIVE has to offer, you can honestly and slowly begin to build an actual income for yourself. Nothing worth doing comes easily, and only dedication and consistency can earn serious rewards, but the potential is there, and that is a magical thing.

The Beauty of Earning

It’s truly amazing when you can look at an article, a story or a review that you have written and see the value that others see in it. In the past, social networks and corporations have taken that value for their own gain, but thanks to blockchain technology, we can now reap the rewards of our own achievements.

…And That is a Recipe for Renaissance.

-Chris Roberts, Splinterlands Content Director

Content Director for, the hit digital trading card game.