“The chains that bind those who oppose being ruled,
Will now bind your soul and by chaos be fueled.

So by the great rift cloven into the stars,
I bid ye to wake, and your soul to be ours.”

-incantation of Arius

Chain Golem

Splinter — All Splinters/Mount Mox

Set — Untamed

Class — Legendary Tank

Size — The Chain Golem was built with great care from several of the heaviest metals in the world. He stands about three times the height of a man, and thirty times his weight.

Lifespan — Archmage Arius’s Chain Golem is young; he was only created…

May truth be your sight
And may hope light your way,
For all that we fight for
May be gone today.

Camilla Sungazer

Splinter — Draykh-Nahka

Set — Untamed

Class — Legendary Dragon Summoner

Size — Camilla is an average sized Human girl of no more than 40 chickens. Her staff stands twice her own height, and she is dwarfed by nearly every monster on the battlefield at Mount Mox. But this matters little to her; Camilla summons her monsters and Dragons with utter fearlessness.

Lifespan — Camilla Sungazer is 32 years old. It has been nearly twenty years since her eyesight…

If scale is cracked, if wing is torn,
when claws and fangs are dull and worn,
The Scale Doctor will make it right,
Or else he will be dead tonight.

Scale Doctor

Splinter — Draykh-Nahka

Set — Untamed

Class — Healer

Size — The smallest Dragon Human hybrids are chosen to be Scale Doctors, so that they can easily climb about a Dragon of any size to examine it. There are currently only ten different Scale Doctors working against the Burn and the madness of the Untamed, and none of them are more than half the height of a man.

Lifespan —…

You must beware the deepest blue,
for deeper should you swim,
The blue will turn to black, and you’ll
Be at the Phantom’s whim.

Phantom of the Abyss

Splinter — ΛZMΛRÉ

Set — Untamed

Class — Legendary Phantom

Size — The Phantom of the Abyss is not large, but if he had cared to develop magically toward bulk and strength he would have done so. The true power of the Phantom lives in his mind. He is the size of a medium shark.

Lifespan — The Phantom of the Abyss is not a ghost as his name implies, but a dark and slippery amphibious

Beauty corrupted to dark majesty,
taken from bright, living sky,
Brought unto Mortis for eternity,
the Dark Lord’s nightmarish ally.

Corrupted Pegasus

Splinter — Mortis

Set — Promo — Essence Orb

Class — Legendary Tank Healer

Size — Corrupted Pegasus are larger than their living relatives in Draykh-Nahka by about 50%, so they are slightly larger than a horse. Their wingspans on the other hand can stretch out as far as twelve feet.

Lifespan — A Corrupted Pegasus has lived a complete life and died in the Dragon Splinter of Draykh-Nahka before being reborn as a Dark Animal in Mortis. While to…

Bright are the scales,
Solid are the plates,
Absolute is his power,
But beware ye the gilded one.

-from Dragonsbaine, author unknown

Gold Dragon

Splinter — Draykh-Nahka

Set — Alpha/Beta

Class — Legendary Dragon

Size — Aurus, the legendary Gold Dragon is a medium-sized Dragon, similar in size to the Red Dragon, Festius. He is on the other hand extremely heavy; they say most of his body is actually made of gold.

Lifespan — Many of the younger Dragons believe that the Gold Dragon is the oldest Dragon, but at 540 years, Aurus is not even close. But the oldest Dragons are…

Family is everything
When Fire is your blood,
The ones you set to take your place,
Will they withstand the flood?

-Voices of the BurnFestius

Red Dragon

Splinter — Draykh-Nahka

Set — Promo

Class — Legendary Dragon

Size — Although he is the largest of the Red Dragon bloodline, Festius is a medium-sized Dragon. He looks small compared to Korjack, the Black Dragon, but dwarfs the slithering Dragon from across the seas known as Shin-Lo. He stands about four times the height of a man, with a bulk of roughly 450 chickens.

Lifespan — Festius is the oldest living from…

What power does a Dragon bring?
A suit of scales on soaring wing?
A mighty bite with breath of fire,
Or greed’s unquenchable desire?
The power of a humble child,
Remembering a clan defiled,
Can ride the wind and own the skies,
And see the world through Dragon’s eyes.

Selenia Sky

Splinter — Draykh-Nahka

Set — Alpha/Beta

Class — Legendary Summoner

Size — Selenia is a slender young woman with all the appearances of a Human. But in her veins, the Fire Blood pumps fast and hard. She is a Dragon at heart.

Lifespan — It has only been twenty-six years since…

Imprisoned for two thousand years of dark,
Awaiting the ignition of a spark.
What sorcery confined, now fate released:
A vengeance-stricken, fire-laden beast
Who now will rock the Splinters to the core.
Yodin Zaku will teach us how to war.

Yodin Zaku

Splinter — Burning Lands

Set — Untamed

Class — Legendary Summoner

Habitat — When he finally emerged in the Unknown from the enchanted chest that held him for the last couple millenia, Yodin Zaku made a personal vow that he would never again allow himself to be imprisoned by walls of any kind. He crossed the mountains, and when he…

Hydra is a loathsome beast
And frightful as a foe.
Chop off a single head at least,
And in its place, two grow.
Chop off two, and four anew
Will quickly take their place,
Probably then leaving you
In pieces, and disgrace.


Splinter — Draykh-Nahka

Set — Beta Reward

Class — Tank

Size — 800–1300 Chickens (Depending on how many current heads.)

Lifespan — As far as anyone can tell, the Hydra cannot be killed. Hopefully, after a reasonable number of years of destruction and chaos, it will die of natural causes, but the Gloridax scientists who created it are…

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