Free art defines landscapes

The photographer of this photo was satisfied to capture this shot for free distribution in exchange for publicity.

Free stock photographs like this one heavily populate blogs, articles, and social media.

Their images are often unrelated, yet never condemned, and therefore accepted as the norm.

Sites that offer free stock photos pull together the same visual language, with ample bohkee, vignetting, and long shutter exposures that turn people into ghosts who are rushing to their appointments. Therefore articles have the same visual stylish imagery that bear no relevance to the content.

These forums that take and make available for the commoner are tiding visual culture.

And in an era of visual overload, repetitious art will win out. In my instagram feed the most iconic image is Robocop Uniboob Nicki Minaj that has been regrammed to oblivion. She is currently the face (and boob) occupying the social media landscape. So hot right now.

Art exposure is great, but only art that is freely distributable and therefore trendy will endure.

Art will occupy the space it is set in. And if you free the art, it will become the landscape itself.

Today Art is made for the masses to trample on.