The ETCDev team, led by Mr. Igor Artomonov, was an excellent group of developers who helped ETC grow after the DAO. However, ETC’s overall ecosystem lags way behind, and the gap between ETC and its competitors has grown wider. For example, there are no explorers for ETC testnet, no well-functioning wallets, or backward solidarity, and the number of DAPPs on the ETC chain is far lower than other chains. We suggested developing an ETC testnet explorer. We proposed enriching the API by adding the `status` field in Transaction Receipt, which would be very useful for application developers. We also suggested implementing track functionality for smart contract internal transactions, adding more EVM opcode like REVERT, and supporting the latest version of Solidity, among others. Unfortunately, our ideas were not welcome.
Clarification: Reasons for Our Actions
Ethereum Classic Labs

I’m not surprised ETC Labs has chosen ETCDEV’s existing roadmap and work as their advancements. ETCDEV was working on most of these things for past few months, which can be easily verified by our commits on Github.
I’m wondering, what would be their next plan, after our ideas ran out