#RiseToTheTop Spotlight — Artists, Amber & Kerisa Denison

Interview By Ambar Januel & Photos by CJ Johnson

“Trust and listen to yourself, your instinct, and your vision.” — Amber and Kerisa Denison

Splore is about collaboration, creative strength, and integrity. We feature users that not only have amazing work, but are interested in sharing insight into their creative mindset. That creative mindset is showcased by the intriguing artistic vision of twin sisters, Amber & Kerisa Denison.

The creative duo started started creatively collaborating through their professional venture A+K. Together they were able to create unique bodies of work by inspiring and complementing the other’s dynamic style through their artistic works of twisted metal, abstract paintings, and creative design.

During our shoot with the twins their modeling efforts in front of the camera were flawless as if they were born for the spotlight. They moved in sync with each other, matching each other’s movements without words. Their vibrant charisma shining through with each set up. It comes as no surprise why their collaborative artwork flows so well.

Instagram: @amberandkerisa

How are your artistic styles the same? How are they different?

Kerisa: Our styles are relatively similar however my work tends to be a bit more detailed and feminine.

Amber: I think our artistic styles are similar in terms of aesthetic and design and we both paint mainly abstract. My work tends to be a bit more masculine while Kerisa’s can be more delicate and feminine.

What is your favorite part about working with your sister?

Kerisa: We are usually on the same page with an idea or project but when we disagree about something, we can be completely honest with each other to solve the issue quickly.

Amber: My favorite part about working with my sister is bouncing ideas off each other building off each other’s creativity.

How do you think your sister contributes most?

Kerisa: Our personal and working relationship is very symbiotic. I think we both contribute most by balancing each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Amber: We are pretty balanced in who contributes to what. I think being a twin helps in that regard. We grew up with everything needing to be “fair.”

How have each of your artistic styles evolved?

Kerisa: My style has definitely become more focused and refined.

Amber: I would say my style has become more refined and mature over the years with both my paintings and metal work.

Instagram: @amberandkerisa

What has your greatest creative moment been?

Kerisa: The first mural Amber and I ever did together was a large scale “A+K” mandala. Looking back, I feel it was the start of something new and exciting.

Amber: There hasn’t been just one great creative moment for me, but combining my metal and paintings was a pivotal moment for me as it took my work in a new and innovative direction.

Who helped you to get to where you are now?

Kerisa: Our parents have always been incredibly loving and supportive. Without our family, and a handful of close friends, I would not be where I am today!

Amber: I have had lots of help from friends and family, but I definitely would not be where I am today without the endless support from both my parents and my cousin Tiffany.

What moment do you find most important in the creative process?

Kerisa: The moment you know when to stop.

Amber: I find that when my mind is clear of expectations and open that’s when I produce my best work. I try to allow whatever comes to me, instead of forcing a certain outcome for a piece. So I would say the moment right before you start something is the most important.

Finish this sentence: I want people to remember me as…

Kerisa: leaving the earth a better place.

Amber: someone who made a positive impact in people’s lives.

What are the issues you run into when working together?

Kerisa: Same as when living together, most of our arguments are over something small and simple. Fortunately, we get over it pretty quickly.

Amber: The biggest issues are dividing the workload and disagreeing on ideas, however I think that’s also how we can make work we are proud of, by pushing each other and taking risks.

What is the process behind making a painting?

Kerisa: It varies… It can start with a combination of colors, a pattern, a photo…

Amber: The process always changes. Sometimes I will start painting with a certain color palette, other times I will have a specific feel I want to emulate, whether that be texture or form.

Instagram: @amberandkerisa

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Kerisa: I make myself lemon tea while getting ready for ballet.

Amber: The first thing I do when I wake up is drink a large glass of water, drink a hot lemon tea and walk to ballet class.

Do you have any tips for aspiring artists?

Kerisa: Trust and listen to yourself, your instinct, and your vision.

Amber: Produce, produce, produce! Keep making work, because that’s when when you develop your unique signature and style. And the bonus is you have lots of work you can then show and hopefully sell!

What are your next steps & goals? What are you looking to do that you’re not doing yet?

Kerisa: I would love have more shows in a gallery here in LA as well as New York and Europe. I would also love to be involved in more multi-media film and performance projects.

Amber: I’d like to start creating public art installations. My sister and I want to have semi large-scale artwork on display that’s not only interactive, but also has an inspiring message.

Splore Photoshoot

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