#RiseToTheTop Spotlight — Photographer, Torrey West

Interview By Ambar Januel & Photos by CJ Johnson

Trust your heart, it’s usually right.” — Torrey West

Every once in awhile when I speak with other creatives we tend to discuss what is it that sparks inspiration from viewing the work of others. Every piece of creative works evokes a great sense of emotion that will ultimately impact the lives of others. An acclaimed photographer, Torrey has worked with models from Rocky Barnes to Kristin Cavallari, his ability behind the lens always making him a creative powerhouse. Torrey is one of those special creatives that has work that makes an impact. His beautiful photographs seemingly captures a special moment in time with each of his subjects, captivating all to see. Presenting these moments of inspiration allow us all to continue creating as well with a growing amount of inspiration.

What would you say your top goal is for your photographs?

Torrey: I always want my photos to create a connection; could be a color, the place, the vibe, whatever… it could be subtle or it may be loud but most importantly it’s there …

Who is your favorite person to work with?

Torrey: I have too many to count, I love working with people who have good energy and put it all out there!

What one sentence of advice would you give to your younger self?

Torrey: Trust your heart, it’s usually right.

@torreywest: Rose and Gold @alana.camposs#westhousediary

What has been the most exciting shoot for you to work on?

Torrey: Every time I take my camera out I tell myself it will be the most exciting shoot to work on.

What is the first thing you notice in a person?

Torrey: I think the eyes … The eyes can tell you so much about a person and also hold so much beauty…

What do you shoot on?

Torrey: I shoot mostly canon 5d 6d ae1 elan7 and a few other toy film cameras.

Has rejection ever altered your creative process?

Torrey: No. I take everything as a lesson and learn from it.

Do you have any tips for composing an interesting photograph?

Torrey: Well so there can be so many factors…. Technique, lighting, composition, model…. I think it’s a little bit of everything … And what’s interesting to me might not be the same for someone else.

@torreywest: Witchcraft #vicseralnature

What’s your go to snack for work days?

Trail: Almonds, trail mix.

Do you listen to music when you’re editing? Who’s your go to artist?

Torrey: Love all types of music but for editing I usually will put on like jazz and blues or sometimes m83.

You have the opportunity to work with any model- who do you choose?

Torrey: Bridget Bardot.

Discover more about Torrey and his work on Splore: @torreywest. You can also follow Torrey on Instagram. Visit Torrey’s Tumblr http://torreywest.tumblr.com. This special guest post was conducted by the award-winning team, J+J co-founders and award-winning creatives (Ambar Januel & CJ Johnson). Find out more about J+J at www.janueljohnson.com and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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