How to make d3 gantt chart using javascript and python??

Hello All,

This is my first task in new company as well as in new technology i.e Python. The Python is used for routing and filtering json data while javascript converts the filtered data to d3 gantt chart. I have used odoo inbuilt syntax somewhere but it is somewhat similar to Django. This module will bbe helpful to all the nobbies who want to jump in python as it is a simplest example and helpful in terms analysis.

The functionality of graph is:

  1. Search by activity type or by name of employee
  2. Check the current status of task
  3. Visualize multiple activity at a time
  4. Filter by 1 day, 1 month or by last six month based on your choice

I am sharing my github link and you can do modifications like designing or adding functionality freely. Appreciate the work with a star as it encourages more to find something new.

Feel free to ask and I will be in touch to help you.
The output will be like :