Observation on Mac Touch Bar and touch in general
Steven Sinofsky

The chipset has nothing to do with if the system should be able to have touch or not. Look at the Microsoft Surface line. It's a spectacular way of adding touch. If apple had released something like this before MS had it would have been praised all the way to the stratosphere.

What the article says about having to look down on the keyboard to interact is the sad state of apple UX these days.

Something else that was not mentioned. It uses butterfly switches with no travel at all. They are a pain to type on so you'll want that external keyboard. All of a sudden that touch bar doesn't seem so useful if it's on my laptop which is on my laptop stand.

Apple needs to reapply itself. Learn what the vocal customer base wants. The crazy ones. The ones that are asked "Hey, what's a great laptop to buy? You know that stuff, right?". It's going straight after the casual market, leaving the professionals to go elsewhere. A large part of the macbook cool is that it was always used by people at the top of their field. I doubt it'll be like this this time around.