Writer’s block.* For some, an ominous force lurking around every corner. For others, nothing more than a way for writers to whine about writing instead of writing. Whatever your view, many people consider themselves victims of this phenomenon. But ask most to describe their experiences and you’re met with vague and blurry recollections — a mental Sasquatch sighting. So, what are we to do? After many encounters with the beast, I’ve realized something. We use the term “writer’s block” to define a problem, but the real problem lies in the term itself. Specifically, the apostrophe.

Look at it:

Writer’s block.

And Why It Does Not Matter

When I told people that I would not be attending my graduation, I was regarded with suspicion. I spent five years and fifty-thousand dollars at the University of Toronto. The suggestion of my absence from such an important and expensive rite of passage was taken to be non-sense. Some of the people I told thought I had gone mad while others thought I had simply gone stupid. To the best of my knowledge, neither suggestion was true.

During the first couple of years, the prospect of graduation was motivating. It loomed in the distance like an oasis of knowledge in…

Reflecting on life after the death of my mother.

Grief has presented me with a paradox. Looking at the calendar I realized that it has been four months since my mom has passed away. Until recently, whenever anyone would ask how long it has been since she died I would respond “two weeks.” This answer was instantaneous and honest, but not truthful. I’m only reminded of how long it has been when I’m confronted with deadlines. The paradox lies in the fact that while the months haven’t felt like they’ve passed, the hours of the day race by.

So I asked myself; for how long during a day do…

Mitchell LeBlanc

Screenwriter & Narrative Designer. | http://mitchellleblanc.com

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