Alpine Style venture pipeline

You may know that I am a huge believer in open innovation. So I obviously needed to apply the principles of open innovation to Alpine Style.

I decided to publish our list of ventures. I have absolutely no clue if it is a good idea: I hope that it will trigger (even more) collaborations with Alpine Style, but it can obviously also feed competitors…

The list is here: and we try to keep it up to date.

If you could help me spread the word towards other innovators in trade finance, that would be very appreciated!

Alpine Style ventures are a bridge between leading trade finance players and innovators

Alpine Style is a venture builder specialized in trade finance and credit insurance. Alpine Style helps incumbent leaders to take options for the future by launching disruptive ventures in partnership with technology innovators.

“Alpine style”​ refers to mountaineering in a self-sufficient manner, as opposed to “Expedition style”​ which uses a fixed line of stocked camps, fixed ropes, sherpas, supplemental oxygen. Alpine Style allows to conquer new summits much faster.