Zero Operations vision

We are backed up by over 11 years of experience managing thousands of servers and the operation of large internet projects. We are well aware of the shortcomings of opensource platforms and we understand the consequences of incorrect programing on production operation and strive to provide maximum availibility of internet projects to our clients. We have gained unique know-how, have a fantastic team which takes care of system operations of thousands servers for our clients, development and the research of new platforms. We strive to always be a few steps ahead of our clients and assist their developers in not making the same mistakes which those before them have done, while respecting modern trends in development. In the past, clients hired us to provide cost efficient service to lower their own expenditures for servers administration. Today, our clients hire us primary because of our know-how, as well as for our superior infrastructure that we have at our disposal.

VSHosting has been the biggest Managed Services Provider (MPS) in Central Europe for many years now. We host every third Czech and Slovak e-commerce project. Two years ago, we opened our own datacenter, ServerPark, which we had built without any compromises according to our exact vision and based on maximum reliability; we had battled bureucracy and have successfully pulled through. Furthermore, we had built ServerPark without any funding, that is, without the financial aid of EU citizens’ tax money. We are ever-expanding our infrastructure, which is built on powerful (and expensive :-)) network equipment, such as Cisco Nexus 7k and Juniper MX960 to name a few. Our network is expanding and is connected to a growing number of European peering centers ( including the largest one, DE-CIX based in Frankfurt). Because of the growing number of global clients, we have built our own CDN network — currently operating in Europe and the US, with plans being made to increase coverage in Europe (London, Madrid and Moscow) and we anticipate adding Asia as well. Thanks to its unique function, our CDN has proved as an interesting alternative for a number of other CDN providers. VSHosting CDN will be launched soon under our own brand F1CDN.

This year, we have begun work on a new project which we have named Zerops. The basis of this projects lies in its title. We want to secure for our clients, who work on developing modern apps, Zero Operations. We want our client to be worry free, while having a firm infrastructure that would secure everything needed for smooth running, while providing programmers maximum comfort for development. Zerops is a Platform as a Service cloud and one of its inspirations comes from the popular service Heroku. Zerops would like to move the idea of fully managed microservices forward and make use of its already gained know-how. VSHosting supports open-source idea and since its beginnings has basically used only open-sourse software. We have plans to bring a part of our internal useful apps written in GoLang to the community also as an open-source under the MIT license.

Zerops does not therefore offer some proprietal platform that would force programmers to change their style of app design just because they are using an app that they are not used to. We do not see this as practical nor logical. Instead, Zerops counts on securing platforms as services with the most often used SQL and NoSQL databases (MariaDB galera cluster, MongoDB cluster, Redis cluster and others), search engines (Elasticsearch cluster), messaging software (Rabbit MQ, ZeropMQ) and will support apps that use the most typical programming language, such as PHP, Java, JavaScript, GoLang, Python, Ruby and others.

As opposed to other cloud platforms, Zerops will be ready for operations that require massive user availability. Not only is much of the reliability secured by the cloud platform itself, but furthermore becuase of the unique fact that all apps will be operated in a cluster regime. The database will not therefore be just a single instance of MySQL operating in one container, but Galera Cluster running in at least 3 other containers in different parts of the Zerops cloud, thanks to which, the downtime, even during the failure of one of the cloud HW nodes, is practically eliminated and availabilty maximized.

Autoscaling has become an everyday part of all higher-tier cloud services and Zerops will also make use of a similar solution, based on chosen metrics (number of connections/ system load /number of requests, etc…) that will automatically scale performance. Zerops will not pressure users or programmers and will offer comfortable monitoring of relevant metrics. It will also be possible to set automatic scaling or manual scaling according to Zerops recommendations or the user’s own preference. Zerops will support a combination of horizontal and vertical scaling to provide maximum performance to a specific services and in the case of horizontal scaling, the options will be more or less limitless. The platform will be able to satisfy the demands of large projects.

So as to make vision of zero operations complete, Zerops will also be equipped with a user-friendly and optional automatic process of platform upgrading to provide security and server app upgrades — in other words, new containers will be launched with an updated version of a server app while preserving user applications and data without the need of any client activity; the containers with previous version will be canceled. Zerops will perform automatic optimization of settings of server apps.

We believe that programmers will fall in love with Zerops. Zerops will support tools such as GitLab. Not only will it support automatic deploys into the Zerops infrastructure, but Zerops will provide the option of a design/ development environment! It will not be necessary to run similar tools elsewhere, developers will be provided with this workspace on the Zerops cloud. Zerops is also working on the idea of advanced backups — for instance, in the case of databases, our aim is to provide programmers a tool that will enable the database cluster to be reverted back to any time chosen by the user, even as far back as one month. Do you need to restore your database back to as it was on Monday at 4:22pm? Zerops aims to make this function absolutely possible within a few clicks. Would you like to view certain some data and do not want to replace the production running installation with, for instance, the MariaDB (MySQL) Galera cluster? No problem — during renewal choose run in new installation, which you can cancel again with just a few clicks . Web developers will have constant oversight over their infrastructure thanks to various metric graphs and info regarding services where a problematic situation will be handled automatically by Zerops and will keep the user informed. Apart from the availability through API we also anticipate with notifications via text messages or via slack.

Zerops is also well aware of the need for security. Anything client-related will be kept in a strictly separate virtual network; we also anticipate the option of launching Zerops Remote Access, which will automatically enable the connection of a developer from a remote computer to a private locked Zerops network, via OpenVPN, for direct and secure access to Zerops services (such as the database).

Zerops will provide many more of such new cool features. Not all will be immediately available, but will be launched one by one within the next few months. Zerops would like to support the programmer community and will therefore provide its core/ limited services to programmers and startup projects free of charge.

Help us build Zerops together! We are currently looking for new members to join our team: 
JavaScript developer (Prague)
Product Owner (Prague / UK)
Marketing Guru (Prague / UK)