How to make somebody stop liking you?

(c) Ju… Thank you for letting me use one of your wonderful works >:D

I remembered one time when my whole family was in a black Adventure car and we were about to go and visit my lola in Antipolo. My dad told me that I had this scene with my childhood friend guy named Baron (I don’t quite remember the spelling of his name so might as well stick with Baron) and we were playing with my toy car when suddenly, Baron asked me to kiss him on his cheeks. My dad saw this happen and he was about to protest but it was too late. Man, I don’t even know I did that! Good thing, it was on his cheeks, not on the lips. Phew! I want to keep my first kiss until the day I get married (Well, that’s every girl’s typical dream and unfortunately, I’m one of them). Also, I remembered playing as his Juliet and him as my Romeo. How romantic, isn’t it? At a young age, I felt his care for me but I’m not sure if we were more than friends or not… For God’s sake, I was too young to even understand the meaning of love! And I couldn’t even make myself believe that I did all those stupid and too cheesy things! I know, I’m sweet (Yes, I’m also a self-proclaimed kind of person), but man, who would do that? Or better yet… Who wouldn’t? So much for innocence… I must admit I did liked that guy back then and our feelings were mutual based on my old ragged childhood memories in my head. But in the end, all those mutual feelings were left behind as we began to grow and face the reality of the world. Actually, we despise each other now and here I am going to give TOP 5 tips to how he liked me then he suddenly decided to click the unlike button: 1) ANNOY THE HELL OUT OF HIM

We were actually classmates back then and other than that; we were also back-mates which means he sat behind me every class. One fact about him is that he easily got bored during discussions. Well, boys will always be boys so what he did to satisfy his boredom was he started to poke my butt under my chair! How irritating, isn't he?! Then after discussions, I would glare at him and he would just laugh at my face then go back to his friends and play paper planes.Of course being a mean girl back then, I turned his paper planes into wrecked planes. Ha! Then he would shoot daggers at me and the final laugh was mine! Well this tip actually only works to people who are childish like me. But if your man likes to play ball or video games then beat him into a game or distract him. Their egos will go crazy when it’s stepped on! It is tried and tested by many.

2) ALWAYS PRETEND THAT YOU ALWAYS FORGET HIS NAME EVEN IF IT’S BEEN 100x INTRODUCED BY YOUR MUTUAL FRIEND Man, don’t let me get started with this! 3) WEAR BLACK LIPSTICK EVEN IF IT’S NOT HALLOWEEN AND SHOVE YOUR FACE IN HIS 4) SCARE HIM EVERY TIME YOU GOT THE CHANCE 5) PRETEND AS IF HE IS A GHOST These five tips of mine worked very well and we ended up being like Romeo and Juliet at first then turned into a Cat and Dog Show, always chasing each other’s tails- whoever gets irritated first loses! We became from childhood sweethearts into archenemies! Well, I think that’s all I can give out as tips to how do you make somebody stop liking you. Honestly, I don’t even know why I did it but man, it was fun annoying him. Take Note: Also know the limitations because you’ll never know when your archenemy’s going to turn into a dangerous dragon then sooner or later, you’ll just find yourself getting caught in his fired breath. Another Note: Man, also treasure the memories with him or her. Because sooner or later, you’ll realize that person is one of the diamonds of your life. And if you can’t deal with each other’s faces just IGNORE EACH OTHER. JUST SIMPLY IGNORE.

— Alien ^-^