My sore throat is killing me. It’s itching its way to my veins. I cough in its despicable trait and only to feel the scrapped wound inside of it. I wish I could put some ointment inside of it but I hate drinking tablets- it’s an alien to my tongue and my mouth refuses to swallow its wholeness because of its size and bitter taste so I rather not. Then, my mother told me to drink water to clean or purify it and sooner or later, it will be healed. I wonder how is it that simple? Then I suddenly I remembered my Father above who is simple as a clean white sheet of paper or bread that is eaten and digested by a child who didn’t had any instructions to how? Like the water that can heal this sore throat of mine, my Father can heal my whole soul’s brokenness and restore everything for me. He is so simple. Like the water, with it’s unbelievable trait, He told me to just believe and trust HIM that My God is a healer of everything. I didn’t have to do anything. I didn’t have to swallow any big tablets. I just need to drink HIM all up.

Funny how I compared Him to this. I actually find this writing weird but yeah, I love you Jesus! Thank you for healing me completely. ☺

— Alien ^-^

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