day 25 new york sunrise

since i am 4 hours late, hmm., day 30 will be on time to when i started on here in september. , i was watching tv, so here we are,

time line set, great. you can tell i write this up for 4 hours, and then type it up, on second thoughts, i think i will rough draft these.

who would have thought i would be here, doing these. for one more week after this.

ah, the humanity of it all, my time lines are well known. the spong at his best, in a time line, writing 18 000 journal entries, all online.

this is going to be 4 times at hogwarts. june 1997- 2001 ( 4 books out not realising it was 7 years at hogwarts, ) - 2003, .. the myspace years 2004- 2010 … facebook years 2010- 2016. yep, it is looking like it will be all right . for the forth one 2016–2023. you can tell i overlapped the graduation of the 7th years with the new student sin the new story each year.

28 years of hogwarts. and now i am doing it again with Ilvermorny fanfiction.