fanfictions of the spong

The exiled half-demon spong cake must find the lost wizard before his past catches up with him.

Far, far away.. in the exiled lands, he gathers his sea shells.
The cold-hearted mercenary must find the lost wizard before it is too late.

At the same time.. the clock faces left.
The tempermental half-demon needs to rescue his best friend or else die trying.

And rumors abound that.. gossip breeds a mommoth nostral .
The wrathful demon must find his lost nostral or else lose the smell of everything.

And rumors abound that.. are tied up in paper baskets.
The handsome prince must avenge his parent’s false deathnotice to find his real hair wig of family fortune.

In a nearby land.. that was far away.
The angsty prince needs to find out the truth about his past or else bake a cake on national tv to promote his countries favourite quizine of SpAg- Bog .

To further complicate things.. even further. 
The handsome adventurer needs to learn the secrets of his past before it is too late for dinner.

At the same time.. in an hours time.
The strong, silent demon is trying to confront his inner demons. Which are human demons inside a real demon.

To further complicate things..
The dying frog is trying to find out the truth about his past or else eat pie.

Far, far away.. in a galaxy meme. 
The star-crossed half-sister needs to find the lost wizard in order to fulfill his destiny and marry the crown.