new day, the 3 hour check

lol, the hogwarts day is over. i am onto the ilvermorny. actually, i better check how i go through the days as i have a week left to do this/.

one week left. using the key themes of plant science. yes i wonder do i go state by state, 50 states, 50 weeks of school. that is perfect for a school year.

Herbology studies. perfect time to do 365 days. 50 weeks of 50 of the state plants of each state. as the crucial thing about the Uk, in hogwarts was the need to identify a connection to a plant to keep as a symbol of that country, in australia our plants are used for flu remedies. the Eucalyptus,.

in the grand idea the native rosemary and the mint is slightly less of flavor than the european one, but it is spicy in itself. Learning australian plants is about learning about fishing. and .. other things such as natural soap in native plants in the australian area.