next return on friday

lol, spelling error, firday, lol, it is london time monday, time to go to HOgwarts, Diagon alley, getting used to the new time line,

of HOgwarts posting each hour, on the hour, lol, can you imagine looking bacon this, mindless. endless. 365 days of Hogwarts agan, how does a person do daily hogwarts,

what is the point, where am i going with this, . what is the key component of my identity which, i just revised my 1989–1994 as a person who listens to the same sone over , that would make someone insain, if they didn’t know what asperger , autism is about, so, here we go, . here, enter the, re-examination of the 1995 -2001,

2002 -2009 , final life out and about,

or i thought from 2002 to 2009 i would try to get a daily outside, interation going. and in 2012, the final venture into the videos in youtube.,

finally , everything online, in 2017, i will look over the 7 year period, as i said it takes 3 years for me to see where, which direction, i changed the, repeatative world of the spong./ and so, the. 2023 will be the part of the last journey. 2023 rto 2030, i could imagine it, but i never think this far ahead,.

i realise the star wars and Fantastic beasts will dominate this jounrey,. looking into 2016, what will be the, moral of the 2016, stories. .. i wonder.