6 ways to leverage your influencers’ Instagram Stories for your marketing

Instagram Stories is an incredibly successful feature, with more than 200 million active daily users.

Now the newly launched possibility to search stories for hashtags and locations as well as Instagram handle means the feature is fast becoming a handy and high engagement marketing tool, especially for influencer marketing.

Brands can sponsor an influencer to post a picture or video in their story, or sponsor an entire story, adding links or mentions back to the brand.

Quick recap: What’s Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are posts of a string of images and/or videos that can be flicked through by the viewer and are aimed to give an insight into the life of the Instragrammer over a 24 hour period.

The Instagrammer can add filters, text, annotations, drawings to the stories, which disappear after a day. The Instagrammer can also use live or pre-shot video.

The return on investment is relatively easy to gauge, with the platform providing follower counts, website clicks, impressions, reach, engagement and demographics.

Six ways you can use your influencers Stories as a brand

1. Sneak Peak

Your influencers could give a sneak peak of your app helping build anticipation for a new launch or for an install drive.

A couple of images or a short demonstration video of your app in action and a link to the app store from a few well-chosen influencers will help with the discovery and get you quality installs.

2. Contest

Your influencers could introduce a contest related to using your app or checking out your homepage, possibly with a prize or giveaway as incentive for entering.

3. Question and Answer

Perhaps you’re getting some frequently asked questions, you can let your influencers help explain your app or features in a Q&A style story.

4. Take Over

You could turn the tables and have your influencers create content for your brand’s Instagram Story, just remember to allow them enough room to be themselves and have them promote the content on their own account.

5. Placement

The easiest way to use influencers is to have them plug your app in their own story, this also has the benefit of feeling more organic and authentic to your target installers.

6. Advert

You could have your influencers create content which you then use for a Stories advert, that is a slide in among Stories being looked at by your target customers.

It’s good to credit the influencer for their work, this is usually a powerful negotiating weapon when trying to secure the influencer content and if the viewers are familiar with the influencer you’ve won another trust factor and even a hook.

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