Avoid one of the biggest challenges in influencer marketing by splitting your product mention

One of the biggest challenges in influencer marketing is your target customers skipping over the mention of your product or app.

If your mention is contained in one part of the video, this is much easier for the audience to do, whereas splitting your mention over several parts of the video minimises the chances of this happening.

Check out this video, where the YouTuber mentions the app several times and incorporates app footage in some of the mentions.

First mention in the first 90 seconds of the video

By far the most important thing to remember when splitting your mentions in terms of getting the most views, is to get your app or product’s first mention at the beginning of the video.

The audience retention tends to drop as the video progresses, therefore the highest number of views will be near the start — we recommend within the first 90 seconds.

In the video example, the first mention comes almost right at the start and then the YouTuber goes into more details about the app in subsequent mentions.

Build interest so the audience will pay attention to subsequent mentions

Another advantage to splitting mentions is that it gives the audience a hint as to why they should watch the longer mention which covers the unique selling points of the app or product.

The first short mention builds up the audience’s expectations, perhaps sparking their curiosity in the app or product.

As with any marketing channel, the customer journey for influencer marketing includes several touch points. By splitting the mentions you are creating several touch points in one video, if the app or product is not a complicated one, it might even boost your conversion rates.

In the video example, the influencer was briefed to give at least a total of a 90 second mention with the first part of the mention within the first 90 seconds of the video.

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