Consistency is key in influencer marketing, pick your influencers accordingly

Many social media creators are a bit lacklustre in their content scheduling, posting as and when they create their content and not to any fixed routine.

Sponsoring these creators is risky because they may be unreliable and fail to deliver your content on plan.

But in addition, these creators often limit their growth because their audience does not know when to tune in to watch their latest content upload.

Influencers who post frequently and to a content schedule are more trustworthy for brands and their audience alike, which will maximise the potential of your influencer marketing.

Regular publishing schedule

Reliability is important for your influencer marketing campaign to ensure you get your content on time and on budget, but it is just as important for the creator’s audience/the target customers you’re trying to reach.

The most successful influencers, especially the ones on the rise, have strict content schedules.

For example they might post on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

After overseeing hundreds of influencer and brand collaborations at Sponsokit, we have seen that those who develop schedules and stick to them generally have higher follower and view counts.

Having a content schedule is also a good growth indicator for an influencer, it usually suggests a layer of professionality and that content creation and nurturing an audience is something they are taking seriously.

But it further cements a trust between the influencer and their audience that their content will be uploaded at the given time and date, trust being a crucial ingredient for influencer marketing.

High frequency of posts

Similarly, frequency of content is important.

We’ve seen influencers who post infrequently, for example, once a month, have lower follower and view counts than those who post weekly or several times a week.

High frequency posts helps the influencer build a more personable and authentic online personality for their fans, meaning their endorsements will likely be better received and more believable.

Appearing frequently in front of their audience also increases engagement with the influencer and their content output, again good for influencer marketing.

Choose influencers who post weekly or several times a week to a regular content schedule for the best influencer marketing results, these influencers have higher follower and view counts and come across more trustworthy and authentic to your target customers.

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