Why you have a greater retention rate of new installers with influencer marketing

New installers via influencer marketing are more likely to use and stick with your app.

Simply put, this is because they understand the product and are making a more educated choice than those who come from other marketing channels.

Educated users

Most young consumers now turn to online videos when making purchasing decisions.

The reason is two-fold, either they are looking for unbiased reviews of the app they have in mind to download or they want to copy the personalities they watch online.

Whichever is the case, the way influencers present the app is generally the reason for high retention rates in influencer marketing.

Even if the app is only talked about for a minute within another video it will usually be demonstrated for the viewer and it’s unique selling points made clear.

See how health and fitness apps are using influencers.

In this way, the new installer has a good idea of what they are getting in the app and their expectations managed.

Their interest will also be maintained as they will know the key features of the app and have been shown the basics of how to use it.

This means they are less likely to be frustrated or miss out on features that would have made them stick if they had found them in time.

Minimal disappointment

At the same time, the new installers are less likely to believe the app has features it doesn’t and therefore quickly get disappointed in the app they downloaded.

The influencer helps the target installers identify if the app is for them and meets their needs.

Those who recognize they would not use the app, most likely will not download it in the first place.

Respected recommendation

For others who might be on the fence about whether or not to install the app, a recommendation and demonstration from an influencer might tip the scales.

In one instance, the discovery of your app could be through the influencer. That, coupled with a personal endorsement, could be enough to sway them to install and at least try it out for a bit.

If the influencer repeatedly talks about the app, that is, does more than one video featuring it, more of these users will be enticed to install and try out the app.

The target installer may also have already heard about the app, but didn’t realise it’s unique selling points fitted their needs until it was demonstrated by the influencer.

New installers have a better retention rate through influencer marketing because they are educated on whether the app is for them and additionally how it is intended to be used, therefore they are less likely to be disappointed or install it under false assumptions.

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