How to use influencers for New Year’s marketing

New Year’s videos present an excellent opportunity for brands to build awareness and cash in on January sales.

Common videos include ‘get ready with me’, ‘New Year’s Eve special’ and ‘resolutions’.

They’re formats that work for every vertical, and can showcase your products in a fun, creative way at a time when your target customers are on the look out for new things to try for the New Year.

And you have an extra week past Christmas to get your campaign tied up.

At the latest, you want to have hired your influencers by December 16 — but the sooner you start, the more likely you are to get your favourites and the better your negotiating position.

Here’s a few examples of how New Year’s Eve videos can help your brand.

‘Get ready with me’ videos are perfect for beauty and fashion brands

For beauty and fashion brands, having an influencer showing off your products before heading out to their New Year’s Eve parties can really resonate with your target customers.

The influencer can run a teaser saying which products they will use to get ready.

This gives your target customers a chance to buy them before the video goes live so they can copy exactly the look they love.

‘Resolution’ videos are great for food, health, fitness, apps and lifestyle products

Resolution videos offer food, health, fitness, apps and lifestyle brands an in on the action.

Influencers, like everyone else, are looking to reinvent themselves in the New Year — work out challenges or healthy meal challenges are things your target customers can do with them.

You could sponsor the influencer for three to six months to use your products and see the difference.

‘New Year’s Eve Special’ — could be anything!

New Year’s specials are a bit of fun, good for product mentions and brand awareness.

In this video, Covergirl sponsored the influencer to travel to Time Square, New York, to celebrate New Year’s.

Perhaps they will do a run down of their favourite moments of 2016, a gaming marathon, the best lip-gloss for your New Year’s kiss or a themed New Year countdown.

It’s one of the most flexible formats for you to sponsor and will often showcase your product in a more creative way, rather than a simple product placement.

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