Now is the time for music app brands to sponsor influencers

Music apps are a hot topic on YouTube right now.

Countless influencers are sharing their favourite apps, monthly playlists or instrument tutorials — but brands seem slow to realise the sponsorship potential.

Backing either talented musicians and singers who have won over a following, or on-trend influencers who regularly talk about music and the apps they use, is a simple and cost effective way to build brand resonance with your target customers.

In this way influencer marketing gives apps a chance to stand out from the competition and offers a path for direct downloads.

Here’s just a few ways influencers are talking about music apps and how brands can get in on the action.

Favourites lists

Countdowns and round ups, or what’s on my phone videos, are a staple of influencer content and music apps are regularly featured in the lists.

Brands could sponsor these videos to have their app prominently featured and demonstrated to the audience.


Apps that help people learn to play an instrument or improve their singing often pop up in videos by teacher influencers giving lessons or song tutorials.

The marketers of FourChords sponsored one such guitar teacher to demonstrate their app.

In a full video dedicated to the app, the influencer picks a couple of songs from the app’s collection to play, while showing several features of the app.

He describes who would benefit from using FourChords and recommends it above any other guitar songs app for beginner to improving guitar players.

Sponsor a growing singer/musician

A different tactic is to sponsor a singer or musician rapidly building a following either for a one off video or, more powerfully, on a recurring or long-term deal.

Pick the right one and you will not only win exposure and a meaningful recommendation, but also recognition among your target customers that you care about music and supporting new talent — great for branding.

In the end your target customers will be more emotionally invested in your brand and more inclined to download and recommend your app over your competitors.

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