Puzzle brand achieves 8.6% click through rate & €0.05 cost per view with influencers

The puzzle and board game brand sponsored five YouTube videos with Sponsokit through November to the beginning of December, in time for the Christmas sales rush.

Targeting 20 to 35 year olds in Germany, and in particular families, the brand was looking to promote three of its products.

By the end of the 10,000 euro campaign, the brand had achieved more than 230,000 views, a click through rate to their website of around 8.6 per cent and an increase in their website traffic of about 20,000.

The brand received more than 350 orders as a result of their influencer marketing, at an estimated cost per order of around 30 euros.

Campaign breakdown

The best performing YouTuber of the campaign included a brand product as part of a Christmas gift ideas video.

The product was talked about for about one minute, near the beginning of the video — meaning that nearly 75 per cent of the viewers saw the product.

The YouTuber explained why the product was good and took some time after to show the product in detail.

The highest engagement rate of the video also correlated with the minute the product was shown.

The brand’s cost per view was just four cent. The cost per click was also slightly more than four cent.

This improved after the data was analysed for the brand however, as the views of the video increased another 15,000.

The four other YouTubers combined brought in close to 146,000 views at an average cost per view of four cents.

They had an average engagement rate of 7.8 per cent and together increased traffic to the brand’s product site by over 11,000.

Portfolio of best performing creators

Analysing the results of each sponsored video, three out of five YouTubers delivered well and gave a good return on investment for the brand.

Brands who have tested YouTubers in this way could make their influencer marketing more efficient by rehiring the best creators to do more videos.

Sponsokit recommends securing good return on investment creators for six months to a year.

This approach ensures a regular flow of sponsored content to target customers, who might require more than one touch point before buying.

In addition it makes briefing and influencer relations easier as both parties know what the other needs and expects.

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