Take your influencer marketing global

Or how we helped a mobile gaming brand scale their influencer marketing from zero countries to five in eight weeks.

With any app launch, the same three key factors come into play.

-How will my target customers discover the app?

-How will I secure quality installs and good reviews?

-How will I grow my user base exponentially?

We were approached by a brand about to release an app aimed at children and teenagers, mostly female, which required the player to look after a photography loving puppy.

They had never done influencer marketing before and were testing the channel, originally in Spain, then subsequently also France, Germany, the US and Canada.

The brand was also seeking a solution to controlling their growth on social media.


The brand decided to test first in Spain.

To get a more accurate measure of their return on investment from the channel, they ran the influencer content at a time when they were not doing other promotions.

The Spain campaign lasted three weeks, including Christmas week, beginning to end.

We were able to identify the best YouTubers and content formats based on data benchmarks and audience demographics.

From there, we used analytics of past performance to predict the return on investment for each of our recommendations and suggest an appropriate budget.

Our dedicated project manager negotiated with the YouTubers on behalf of the brand to agree a fair price, ensure brand communication guidelines were followed and that videos were published by the deadline.

After positive results from the Spain campaign, the brand decided to run similar campaigns in the US, Canada, France and Germany.

With the same process, we accomplished the task in each country in a matter of days.


In all five countries the app store ranking improved, reaching second place in France and Germany and climbing more than 200 places in Spain.

The campaign led to more than 25,000 installs and the app to achieve top 10 ranking in four out of five countries.

According to App Annie, the daily installs went up 70 per cent in Spain and between 20 and five per cent in the other countries.

Future plans

The brand is now working with us to organise influencer marketing campaigns for its newest app in other countries and for some of its other apps.

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