Which influencer videos to sponsor to boost your Valentine’s Day marketing

There’s still time to hire influencers for your Valentine’s Day marketing.

Influencers will be starting to plan their content for the holiday in the next few days, get in now to secure the ones that will work best for your campaign.

Remember if you are shipping a product to leave enough time in your deadline.

Valentine’s videos are usually incredibly popular with viewers because the content tends to be more personal.

From mentions, to unboxing videos, to demonstrations — here’s some great ways to use influencers in your Valentine’s marketing.

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Funny videos

Videos comparing how you imagine your Valentine’s Day will go and reality, pranks, being single on Valentine’s Day hacks — YouTube is flooded with funny Valentine’s videos.

Perfect for sneaking in a mention of your product or app, or to get more views you could even just sponsor the whole video without product placement and have your link in the description.

Fashion/make up/get ready with me videos

As with any holiday or special occasion, girls and women the world over are looking for inspiration to freshen up their appearance.

Fashion, make up, hair, get ready with me videos — it’s all covered.

Gift videos

Gift videos, ideal for app or product placement.

Whether it’s for a boyfriend, girlfriend, secret crush or even a homemade gift — if your product or app doesn’t instinctively fit into any other Valentine’s video, this is the format for you.

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