Why you shouldn’t put what you’re selling in the title of influencer content

When advertising your brand, product or app with influencers it might seem sensible to put the name in the title of the content.

But this detracts from the number of views your content is likely to get.

It’s much better to allow the influencer to form their own title, in keeping with the content they are incorporating your promotion in, as this entices rather than puts off your target customers.

Don’t make it obvious it’s sponsored content

Influencer marketing needs to feel authentic to be effective.

If the content is clearly sponsored or looks like it contains a product placement, regular viewers of the influencer might decide not to watch or read it.

It is accepted now that influencers have to make a living, and that often means sponsorship deals.

It tends not to hurt the influencer when they are explicit about which content has been sponsored.

However, the views drop when it’s clearly stated in the content title. The advertising part of the video does not feel organic and the audience, that is your target customers, might feel the whole content and opinions are paid for and not believe what the content is telling them.

This defeats the point of influencer marketing.

Having your brand, product or app featured within a relevant content theme, stated and including a call to action but not within the title will help your cost per view return on investment and is more likely to convert your target customers.

Let your influencer speak, they know what they are doing

A far better approach is to let your influencer create the title of the content.

They will know what formats will resonate best with their audience and are likely to get the most views.

Send the influencers you work with the guidelines for your brand communications to ensure it is not inappropriate and let them do their job.

To try and inhibit their creativity is not why you are sponsoring their content, it is a waste of money on your part.

Trust your influencer, you both have the same goal — to get as many views as possible.

If it’s obvious the video is sponsored in the title you will loose views, allow your influencers to come up with an appropriate title — you both want the video to be a success after all.

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