Why your influencer marketing strategy should include Snapchat stories

Statistics recently released by App Annie suggest you’re going to need a Snapchat strategy to reach some of your target customers.

Measuring how smartphone users in the USA and UK used social media apps in the final three months of 2016, they found Snapchat to have cultivated a unique audience.

On any given day, the research found some 61 per cent of US Snapchatters did not also use YouTube. In the UK the figure was 53 per cent.

Similarly, 46 per cent of US Snapchatters did not also use Instagram, 35 per cent did not also use Facebook and 58 per cent did not also use Facebook Messenger on any given day.

In the UK, 37 per cent did not also use Instagram, 31 per cent did not also use Facebook and 44 per cent did not also use Facebook Messenger on any given day.

What does this mean for your influencer marketing strategy

Well, it depends on your target customer.

Snapchat’s audience includes most teenagers in the USA as daily users (App Annie’s survey respondents were aged 13+).

If you are looking to capture this age group, it seems on any given day you are more likely to find them on Snapchat than other social media platforms.

Snapchat’s story feature provides a golden opportunity for marketers to reach this demographic.

Either by sponsoring a Snapchat influencer to run a story on your app or product, or by allowing the influencer access to your brand’s Snapchat account for a limited time as a so-called ‘take-over’.

If my target customer is young, should I only concentrate on Snapchat stories?

A key disadvantage with Snapchat stories is that they are brief and disappear.

For marketing purposes, it means there is very little time to educate your target customers on why they should install and use your app, or purchase your product.

A high engaging video platform such as YouTube, however, gives an opportunity to do just that.

An ideal strategy might combine the two platforms, using the Snapchat stories to reach more target customers.

It could also be the case that your YouTube influencers have a Snapchat account which you could negotiate a deal for, perhaps to promote the YouTube video or in compliment to your YouTube sponsored content.

App Annie’s survey shows us how unique the Snapchat audience has become, using it’s stories feature can extend your reach to younger target customers.

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