Attracting sponsors has never been easier!

Traditionally, athletes and teams have been forced to compete for the biggest brands. As the world of sports continues to grow, more athletes are using crowdfunding to support their sport and to boost their career.

Want sponsors for your team or sport? Here are 3 reasons teams and athletes choose Sports Crowdfunding:

  1. No exclusivity or requirements!

Setting up a campaign on is free, and you can collect support and funding from anyone. By appealing to the crowd you are in fact building your own fan base of supporters; without specific interests or demands in return. They support you because they believe in you, and want to see you make it!

2. Funding when you need it!

Landing a sponsorship contract takes time, and for athletes and teams, this means a longer wait before funding arrives. By doing a Sports Campaign you are able to attract just the amount you need when you need it.

3. Proof to go BIG!

Just getting in touch with a corporate sponsor is difficult representing smaller clubs or sports. Going through with a crowdfunding campaign will not only build you a fan base and provide you with funding. For a lot of athletes on, showcasing their campaign has been the door opener for larger sponsors and commercial contracts.

50.000 athletes and teams are using to fund new gear, attend competitions or to reach their sports dreams.

Fund your Sports dream too!