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Deniz Ergürel

hi Deniz! I am very interested in the new development between ‘consciousness and technology’. This because I had the personal experience of my partner in a coma communicating to me from his coma on my laptop and I was able to communicate back to him. He would describe all kinds of different realities to me, moving from one state to another in a very high pace. Like he would describe doctors and how they were operating on him, he would describe what they were thinking, he would precisely describe events in my reality, like what I was thinking and how I was feeling even though his body was hundreds of miles away. And not only that he would then describe how he would transition to death and how that was affecting him.

I felt very much like in the desert with this experience. And I would love to hear other stories like me. It was extremely eye-opening to me to actually see handwritten letters appear on my computer outside any frame, and experience all the different states he was going through. I kept on thinking ‘if this is possible with technology then what will be our future?’ I think in a way there is still a big gap with the development of VR, since with my experience I feel like there is a totally different entry point. And it cannot be any other way than that this kind of direct communication, or call it telepathy with technology will emerge in many different forms.

So thank you for the opportunity of being part of this. I am very excited to read all the developments as they are currently taking place, and I would love to share mine.

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