(Clea Betlem Photography)

When Consciousness Hacks Technology

The Day My Laptop Started Chatting with the Afterlife

Our world is changing extremely fast and for the better. The next wave of technology is going to shake things up even faster. And what is next?

I feel like such a pioneer myself, navigating unchartered territory. A territory beyond what is believed to be possible.

Can You IMAGINE??? When handwritten letters appeared on my laptop, outside any frame or window asking me: ‘Why are you crying?’ and it appeared to be the AFTERLIFE talking? It appeared to be my lover who had just died and he was able to see that I was crying eventhough his dead body was two Hawaiian islands away. And not only that, I was able to type back to him. This was 12 years ago, and it was just the beginning.

Can you imagine? Can you imagine that this is very close to all of us? That we are able to communicate through time and space with our devices, not only to other humans, but also to other forms of conciousness. To humans without a body. This is what happened to me. It is not science fiction any more. It is Real Virtual Reality. It happened over and over again. On my laptop, on my phone, and even on a friends computer in another country, before I even touched it. For me, it forever changed the way I see death and dying, and illness, and technology, and the capabilities of our bodies, our human existence, and the choices we make, and … the list goes on and on.

Can you imagine that Technology is almost there and our Consciousness is there to meet that Technology?

So much more then it being ‘just an experience,’ it opens a whole new window of possibilities in which our digital world meets the unseen world. In 1992 I wrote my final paper at the Academie voor Beeldende Kunst, (The School of Fine Arts in Maastricht, the Netherlands) titled “Virtual Reality and the Dissappearing body”. In the paper I pondered the idea of being able to communicate to beings without a body through technology. Little did I know that fifteen years later that was exactly what I would experience.

I believe now, another fifteen years later, it is ready to take the stage for all of us, beyond boundaries, beyond the unconsciousness, beyond the grip of old ideas.

Or like my dear friend @Adikanda phrases it so beautifully::

“ …past the lies that fill the teachings
of so many faiths
so many sciences
so many experiences lived
upon the surface
of a life
by physical form”

Christel Janssen is the Author of: Forty-Nine Days, A Sensous Journey in the Modern afterlife. An extraordinary true story beyond the boundary of Death. (available on Amazon)