Mystery Haunted House Edition

The Board

The Rooms

Spooky Kitchen, Haunted Room, Ghostly Jail, Billiard Room, Dining Room, Library, Lounge, NFT Room, Spooky Study

The Lobby — Where we hold the answer!

The Weapons

A Sandbox Metaverse for our little Ghostly Frens.

Finding, designing, developing and launching a Metaverse space for our Spookies is a key element to our Roadmap.


We have already purchased a 3 x 3 Sandbox Estate, this will be the home for our friendly little ghosts!

Design Principle

This is where you come in, we have some ideas and suggestions…


We have created a collection of 49 Spooky trading cards, the aim is to collect all 49 to win a prize. If you collect all 49 individually numbered trading cards, we’ll produce a 50th, which will be a custom card, using a Spooky that you own/hold in your wallet. …

It is time for a new Hidden Symbol challenge!

The hidden symbols needed to score maximum points will be released at the start of each weeks challenge, and not before. Challenge #1’s Hidden Symbols are detailed below.


The first two challenges will run from Friday to Friday (8pm UTC), with the results and rankings for each challenge being…

Not in the Metadata?!?!

A Spooky community member took the time and effort to draft a series of Tweets explaining the mystery, the logic and the utility behind Hidden Symbols. We offered to take the Tweet series and produce this blog offering an insightful, concise appraisal of our Hidden Symbols.
With thanks to applej25#5095


The economy will evolve over time, but we are able to confirm the following information at this stage:

Impacts of the Black Cat Pass on supply

If all Black Cat Passes are minted then 450K Cobwebs (Discord/Cobweb NFT tokens) will be burned from the current supply.

If all passes are minted how many $COBWEBS will be distributed each…

We know you guys, gals and ghosts have been itching to hear about our next Hidden Symbol Challenge. The waiting is over!!!

This time around we are mixing it up a lot!

We’ve listened, and hopefully, you see we’ve thought about maximising the benefit of holding Hidden Symbol Spookies!! You…

How to Sell an NFT

Perhaps, you’ve decided that crypto is worth a bit more than your Spooky. Or that, even though you love your new Ghost, if someone will buy it at a higher price, you’ll part ways with it. With this in mind, you can set it up for auction in OpenSea.



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