What It’s Like to Be a Woman at a Tech Conference
Chloe Condon

My very good friend and ex student, is a developer, goes to and speaks at conferences, plays online, etc, and has a rising profile in Australia. Recently I come across a post by her on Facebook about being grossly abused and threatened to the point of needing to refer it to police. Her abuser was a team member for a serious WoW gaming competition where her team came second. One of her team mates then started trolling and abusing her over the next few days referencing her sex in almost every vile post and blaming her for the loss. To her credit, she remained as cool as possible and attempted to gently rebut his tirade. I personally wanted to slit his throat slowly with a very rusted knife to make sure it hurts the most! I’m appalled, shocked and outraged that this still happens to women and that it happened to a person of her caliber. I know this article isn’t directly about this issue, but this threatening of violence is mind bending to me. I deeply feel for her and hope to hell no other woman has to go through this type of harassment ever again! Tragically, I suspect many will.

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