Visiting Chengdu? Here is Your Go-To Guide for Food

Chengdu is located in the province known for it’s spicy food: Sichuan. Home to the Giant Panda Sanctuary, Mount Qingcheng and numerous other cultural, religious and environmental sites, Chengdu is quickly becoming a cool hotspot for tourist and travelers to go sightseeing.

No matter where you go exploring in Chengdu, or China for that matter, Spoonhunt has great dining options for you to check out nearby. Here are some of our favorites near the hot spots in Chengdu:

Giant Panda Breeding Research Center 大熊猫繁育研究基地

Best Chinese Restaurant

Fragrant Neighbor Restaurant 香邻居酒楼

Address: 1333 Panda Street, Chenghua District 成华区熊猫大道1333号

Price Per Person: 80 RMB

Located just outside of the southern entrance of the Giant Panda Breeding Research Center is this quaint little local restaurant with real rural China cuisine. While there aren’t many options this far outside the center of Chengdu, Fragrant Neighbor Restaurant is a good one for Chinese food.

Best Cafe/Place to Grab a Quick Bite

Panda Coffee House 熊猫咖啡餐饮屋

Address: 26 North Panda Street, Inside the Panda Research Center 成华区 外北熊猫大街26号熊猫繁育基地内

Price Per Person: 44 RMB

Located inside the Giant Panda Breeding Center, this little coffee shop and restaurant is a great place to take a break from looking at the cute pandas. They have an assortment of coffee, sandwiches and fried rice perfect for a quick bit to eat.

Best Sichuan Restaurant

Bamboo Restaurant 竹韵餐厅

Address: 26 North Panda Street, Inside the Panda Research Center 成华区 外北熊猫大街26号熊猫繁育基地内

Price Per Person: 60

Another, more upscale Sichuan restaurant located inside the Research Center is Bamboo Restaurant. Featuring classic Sichuan dishes like Kung Pao Chicken, Mapo Tofu, and Stir-fried Bamboo Shoots, this is a great place to sit and eat if you have the time.

Best Chicken Restaurant

Brother’s Wood-Fired Chicken 兄弟柴火鸡

Address: Intersection of Panda Street and Green Lion Road 成华区 熊猫大街与青狮路交叉口

Price Per Person: 70 RMB

Just down the road, back towards the center of Chengdu sits this gem, Wood Fired Chicken restaurant. If you can’t stomach the spicy Sichuan food available nearest to the Panda Research Center, check out this place!

Kuan Zhai Alley 宽窄巷子

Best Hot Pot Restaurant

Xiaolong Fan Dajiang Hot Pot 小笼翻大江火锅酒楼

Address: 28 Zhai Alley, Inside Kuan Zhai Alley 青羊区 窄巷子28号(宽窄巷子 步行街内)

Price Per Person: 102 RMB

Chongqing Hot Pot is the regional specialty in Chengdu. You have to get it. In Kuan Zhai Alley, one of Chengdu’s coolest tourist attractions, sit this hot pot restaurant that not only has great, fresh ingredients but has an ancient Chinese atmosphere with traditional performances.

Best Sichuan Chinese Restaurant

Food Addiction Movie Themed Restaurant 瘾食电影主题餐厅

Address: 55 Kuixing Lou Street (Near Xiaotong Alley) 青羊区 奎星楼街55号(近小通巷)

Price Per Person: 65 RMB

This modern restaurant features all of the classic Sichuan specialties like Yuxiang Eggplant, Beesnest Potatoes, Cumin Pork Chop, and many more. Stop in to grab some of the spicy and flavorful dishes before continuing your adventures in Kuan Zhai Alley.

Best Cafe

One Cup 壹杯

Address: 38 Renhou Street, at Kuan Zhai Alley and Changshun Street Intersection 青羊区 仁厚街38号附1号(宽窄巷子长顺街口)

Price Per Person: 33 RMB

This quaint little cafe just outside of Kuan Zhai Alley is the perfect spot to grab a coffee, tea and dessert. They have funny tea infusers, tasty desserts, and cute panda napkin holders. The coffee is hot and the atmosphere is cool.

Best Tea House

He Jing Tea House 和境茶社

Address: 30–8 Xia Tongren Road (Renrenle Kuan Zhai Alley Store) 青羊区 下同仁路30号附8号(人人乐宽窄巷子店)

Price Per Person: 42

Afternoon tea time isn’t just a British thing, it’s also a Chengdu thing! At He Jing Tea House, you can select from their many hand-picked teas while enjoying some Chinese biscuits and snacks.

Best Chill Bar

E.G. If You…Bar 比如酒吧

Address: 12 Zhazi Street 青羊区 栅子街12号(小通巷一条街上)(宽窄巷子)

Price Per Person: 45

This small, cozy bar is a great place to snag a chill drink with friends, sit on a couch and hang out. The mood lighting and well prepared drinks match the low-key atmosphere they are going for.

Best Barbecue Restaurant

Chengdu Gua Skewers 成都瓜串串

Address: 39 Jixiang Street (Near Kuan Zhai Alley) 青羊区 吉祥街39号(靠近宽窄巷子)

Price Per Person: 43

A fun alternative to regular Chongqing hot pot in Chengdu is Skewer Pot. At Chengdu Gua Skewers, you pick the type of meat, fish or vegetables you want and then you cook it in a boiling pot of chili broth. This is a popular place for late night, after walking through Kuan Zhai Alley.

Best Japanese Restaurant

Hao Japanese Restaurant 昊 日式料理

Address: 24–8 Paotong Shu Street 青羊区 泡桐树街24号附8号

Price Per Person: 66 RMB

This restaurants look like it was teleported from Japan to Chengdu. The wooden exterior and windows perfectly exemplify it’s sushi house theme. If you’re craving something other than Sichuan food, stop in to Hao for sushi.

Best Western Restaurant

Qing Lan Coffee 青兰咖啡

Address: 31 Shiye Street (Kuan Zhai Alley) 青羊区 实业街31号(宽窄巷子)

Price Per Person: 96

This trendy and modern cafe has an assortment of great Western dishes on the menu like pizza, steak, salad, salmon, etc. Stop in for the hanging chairs, back patio and colorful walls, but stay for the food.

Jinli and Wuhou Memorial Temple 锦里/武侯祠

Best Hot Pot Restaurant

Full Moon Dajiang Hot Pot 月满大江火锅

Address: 8 Tongci Road, In Family Hotel 1st Floor (Near Rainbow Bridge) 武侯区 通祠路8号如家酒店1楼(近彩虹桥)

Price Per Person: 74 RMB

This amazing hot pot restaurant is located in between Wuhou Memorial Temple and the Rainbow Bridge. With fresh hot pot ingredients and a spicy broth, your taste buds are in for a treat at Full Moon Dajiang Hot Pot.

Best Chinese Restaurant

Gingko 银杏金阁(银杏川菜酒楼)

Address: 2 Jinli Middle Road (Rainbow Bridge Intersection) 青羊区 锦里中路2号(彩虹桥路口)

Price Per Person: 153

Featuring both Sichuan and Cantonese food, Gingko is located in the heart of Jinli. This upscale restaurant is a great place to take a break from walking around Jinli and Wuhou to grab a filling dinner.

Best Barbecue Restaurant

Toilet Chuanchuan 蜀锦香厕所串串

Address: 17 Wuhouci Side Street #2, Near the Panzhihua Commercial Bank 武侯区 武侯祠横街17号附2号(攀枝花商业银行附近)

Price Per Person: 36

Don’t be put off by the English name, this skewer place is legit. On top of the chili broth-cooked skewers of meat and vegetables, you can find some pretty local Sichuan foods here like brain and blood dishes.

Best Bar

Lotus Palace 莲花府邸

Address: 231 Wuhouci Big Street #12 武侯区 武侯祠大街231号附12号

Price Per Person: 99 RMB

This lively bar inside Wuhou Memorial Temple is always energetic. With tons of live music, bright lights and good drinks, the Lotus Palace is a fun stop for after visiting the area and having some party-type fun.

Best Cafe

Gu Ge Jia Coffee 古格家

Address: 9–3 West Linjiang Road, Opposite Riverbank Park 武侯区 临江西路9号附3号(滨江公园对岸)

Price Per Person: 37 RMB

This modern cafe located along the riverbank is a great place to sit for a while and read or do work. With both outdoor and indoor seating, you can sit where your mood takes you.

Best Western Restaurant

Sardina Pizza 撒丁披萨

Address: 8 Ximian Qiaodong Street 武侯区 洗面桥东一街8号博美装饰诚停车场里面(近浆洗街)

Price Per Person: 50 RMB

Missing good Italian food? Sardina Pizza has a plethora of pizzas and pastas to choose from to make you feel like you’re in Italy. After your meal, be sure to snag some of their signature ice cream too!

Rest of Chengdu

Best Hot Pot Restaurant

Dragon Sen Park Hot Pot 龙森园

Address: 60 Qintai Road, Qingyang District 青羊区 琴台路60号

Price Per Person: 118 RMB

Arguably the most beloved hot pot restaurant by locals in the city, located near Culture Park, this hot pot restaurant is a must visit. Their unique tables, generous portions and tasty broth make Dragon Sen Park is a tough place to beat.

Best Barbecue Restaurant

Xiao Yao Special Scalding Chuanchuan 逍遥烫特色串串

Address: 81 Mengzhui Wang Street, Chenghua District 成华区 猛追湾街81号

Price Per Person: 51

This super local skewer pot place is one of the best in the city for it’s spicy broth and various dipping ingredients. After your skewered meat and vegetables are done cooking in the special pot, dip them in seasoning, garlic, chives or onions.

Best Bar

A+ Lounge Belgium Imported Beer 比利时进口啤酒馆

Address: 3 Daci Temple Road 锦江区 大慈寺路3号

Price Per Person: 61 RMB

With tons of imported beer, this bar is popular among expats and locals alike. Their selection of beer, alcohol and spirits is proudly displayed in large fridges and on shelves behind their bar. If you’re looking for selection, this is the place for you.

Best Western Restaurant

The River House 岷山饭店

Address: 55 South People’s Road 2, 21st Floor 锦江区 人民南路二段55号岷山饭店21楼

Price Per Person: 357 RMB

This very upscale Western restaurant deliver craft cuisine prepared by artist-like chefs. Each plate is beautiful prepared and tasty. Just be prepared to be paying Western prices as well.

Best Japanese Restaurant

Old Longting 老龙亭

Address: 36 Xiadong Big Street, Jinjiang District 锦江区 下东大街段36号

Price Per Person: 27 RMB

If you’re looking for tasty and authentic Japanese ramen with flavorful broth and fresh ingredients, look no further. Decorated with Japanese curtains and wooden tables, this ramen place will take you back to Tokyo.

Best Cantonese Restaurant

Li Xuan 丽轩中餐厅

Address: 269 Shuncheng Big Street, 26th Floor of the Ritz Carlton 青羊区 顺城大街269号,成都富力丽思卡尔顿酒店26层

Price Per Person: 195 RMB

Located at the top of the Ritz Carlton, this fancy Dim Sum delight is worth the price. Featuring classic Cantonese dishes like Chang Fen, Char Siu and Egg Tarts, Li Xuan is the perfect sharable dining experience, with a view.

Best Cafe

iCafe 爱咖啡

Address: 1 Jinxiu Road, Baoli Center Building A, 9th Floor Room 912, 武侯区 锦绣路1号保利中心东区A座9楼912

Price Per Person: 27

Foamy lattes, chocolatey desserts and fruity iced teas are what iCafe are all about. The modern and minimalist coffee shop has both coffee couches and bar-style tables to read or do work.

Best Tea House

Mi Xun Teahouse 谧寻茶室

Address: 8 Zhong Shamao Street, Jinjiang District 锦江区 中纱帽街8号成都远洋太古里F1层

Price Per Person: 68 RMB

Probably one of the coolest set ups of all the teahouses in Chengdu, Mi Xun has a clean interior with an awesome courtyard for seating. You can select from a large variety of tea as well as light Chinese appetizers and desserts to go along with it.

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