When we talk about the terrible disasters that have happened in the world of sports, one of the top Terrible disasters in sports world that comes to mind is the 1958 plane crash in Munich. The plane was carrying the Manchester United football team, the supporters of the team as well as some journalists. During this one of the most terrible disasters of the sports world, 23 people lost their lives.

This disaster made a great impact on Manchester United. The team lost many key players and some of them got injured so badly that they could not play anymore. This one of the most terrible disaster in history of sport was mourned by the Manchester United fans and by the Sports communities around the world. The day that disaster happened is still remembered with grief and sorrow and respects are paid to the players and other passengers who lost their lives in this one of the most terrible disasters in the history.

On one hand this disasters damaged the Manchester United team badly, but on the other hand it game the future players of the team an extra bit of motivation and inspiration to perform well for the club and to honor those who lost their lives in one of the most terrible disasters in the world. Manchester United recovered well from this incident and it took them 10 years after the incident to become the European Champions. The team lifted the trophy in the year 1968. After that the Manchester United team as emerged as one of the strongest teams in Europe. They dominated the English football for couple of decades and today they are amongst the strongest clubs in the English Premier League. They have also performed well in the European Champions League and other competitions.

The team has had seen many ups and downs during its history. But one thing is for sure that the plane crash disaster was the worst moment in the history of Manchester United. This disaster united the football community around the world and gave Manchester United players and fans an eternal sorrow. There have been many other Terrible disasters in the world of sports as well. But if we talk about the disasters related to football, then this disaster surely comes out on top.