High Quality Professional Ski Head

Head is a leading sports equipment and clothing company, famous for Tennis Rackets and Alpine Ski. Head is made up of several small companies including Head Ski Company, which was established in the 1950s in Delaware. Head Ski Company has produced one of the first metal-wood composite downhill ski.

Head sells its products under the brand names Head, Penn, Tyrolia, and Mares. Head Ski are vouched for being the best in the market and well-suited for user’s requirements. Known to maintain the quality, Head is also ahead in incorporating innovation in its products.

Head also sponsors athletes in the Alpine Skiing World Cup, Baseball, Tennis, and Squash. It has been at the peak according to the Alpine Overall Brand Ranking several times. In the 2015–16 World Cup, Head topped the charts in almost every event.

Skiing is a sport of passion, thrill and adventure. It can be done as a hobby or in the form of professional sport. Depending on whether you prefer a recreational form of skiing or the professional one, HEAD has designed Ski that fulfils your usage requirements. -

1. Race- For the brave heart skiers who like to live on the edge with the speed and thrill like there is no tomorrow. Race Ski from Head are designed for speed and are used by professional skiers who wants to stay ahead of the competition. You can choose from a vast range in this category especially build for professional racers and advanced level skiers. Notable mention from this category is WorldCup Rebels I.GS RD W which gives you balance, acceleration and control for the race winning turns at unbeatable speeds.

2. On Piste- Designed for beginners to intermediate and used by kids and adults alike, this category gives you lightweight ski. On Piste ski are easy to handle and gives you complete control over your movements. They are perfect if you want to satiate your recreational craving for an on-piste performance. SuperShape SLR II is the most popular from Head in this category, built for kids to make them learn the intricacies of the sport.

3. AllRide- If you have in yourself to conquer all terrain, AllRide Head Ski gives you the precision required for the conquest. These skis provide a perfect blend of lightness, control and balance. They are used by intermediate skiers for whom the whole mountain is just a learning ground. Monster 88 is tough, compact, built for precision and the flag bearer for Head in this category. It will make all terrain carving fun and play.

4. FreeSki- Slide down those untamed mountain slopes, especially for adventure lovers who truly love the wild and free nature. Head Ski from this category is built to mark your supremacy on the mountain. They are lightweight and built for ultimate control and speed. The Alpine Walker from Head is perfect for FreeSki built for easy ascents and descents, they are lightweight and packable.

Along with Ski, Head is also known to manufacture world class bindings, boots, accessories and protection equipment.


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