The Green Party’s Troubling Stance on Sex Work
Emily Pothast

If one wants to see why prostitution should be legalized everywhere they need only come to Costa Rica. In this country prostitution is legal. Pimping is NOT legal. The women who are sex workers here are typically single parents who’s spouse/boyfriend has disappeared and pays no support for his child(ren). They are women who had children very young, did not finish their education and therefore have access to employment issues. The mothers option is to get a job that pays $4 per hour, typically with a 90 minute commute, or sell sex for $40–$100 a trick. No, sex work is not their calling, nor is enjoyable for most, (although some have regular orgasms, not a bad thing in most books) but it pays a hell of a lot better that what is available to them in any other job.

Some single mothers do work a day job but appear at night trying to secure a $100 bump in cash. So what legalized prostitution offers is a means to pay the mortgage / rent / food/ clothing some days when cash is low. When their children need food or clothing or new shoes etc. It allows them a means of earning quick cash in amounts that enable them to spend more time at home with their kids. Is this a perfect solution for under educated single mothers? No. Obviously not. But these are poor countries with many poor people. Legalized prostitution offers these young (or not so young) women a job as independent contractors. They set their hours, their pay their terms. And they are not slaves to anyone. It is just each particular woman who decides what they need to do to survive.

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