My Open Letter to Conservatives
Conservative Black Man

This should be required reading for every white person. The beginning of some insight into what it means to be black in white america, ie., an acknowledgment that the mountain looks different from the bottom than it does from the top. An acknowledgement that even though a business owner claims to not be racist because he hires blacks to drive his cabs, he is in fact a racist because he denigrates blacks as lazy, lawless, welfare embedded leeches on the golf course each weekend.

The history of one’s ancestors working as slaves in the southern states is not as easily dismissed by the black person who’s view of discrimination is foreshadowed by family stories handed down over decades. This person’s views of opportunity is distinctly different than those of the middle class wasp who’s grandparents owned their own home, or a small business or were college educated and expected the same from you. A white person has no perspective of this unless they are perhaps jewish and are more sensitive about nazi germany than the gentile american. A pale comparison some whites might understand, is to be the kids who were too small or not athletic enough to play jr. high and high school football. Who were picked on by the bullies in high school who made themselves feel better by beating or making fun of others less “privileged”, in the sense of those not being able to play sports or be in the jock crowd that dominates the typical high school hierarchy.

The mountain does indeed look different from atop.