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Wandile Dlamini, Qwabe, and now T.O. Molefe have scrambled eggs for brains. To blame a white person working as a waitress in 2015 for transgressions of whites decades ( and centuries ) ago is racist. The mental gymnastics Molefe goes thru attempting to justify Dlamini & Qwabe’s racist actions is telling. She(he?) blames the waitress for “recrimination and self interest “ for accepting tips from an online funding effort, and commenting (graciously and reservedly) on the racism exhibited by the two, instead of joining Dlamini & Qwabe by celebrating their racists acts. The waitress should be commended on her mature and thoughtful comments. There are a lot of things wrong with the world each of us has inherited. We don’t need confused misguided acts of racism blaming a person for these “things wrong” just because she is white. That was and is the basis of Whadile & Qwabe’s act in stiffing a young woman who otherwise served them with sufficient skill and speed to justify a tip. The refusal to tip was due solely to her being white. Repeat Logic 101 and perhaps you might begin to understand.

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