Witness some of the legends of Sport

Tennis: Rafael Nadal — History!

Has there been a better player than Rafael Nadal in world tennis at any time? People might have their opinions. Some may plump for Rod Laver while some might choose Pete Sampras. The present day generation might even go for Roger Federer. However, when it comes to conquering the clay courts, especially the French Open, every person in the world will emphatically agree that Rafael Nadal is the undisputed King. His records speak for him.

To win one French Open title can be a tough task. Roger Federer will vouch for the same. Many greats like John McEnroe, Pete Sampras, and Boris Becker could not even manage one title. Under the circumstances you are dealing with an absolute genius in Rafael Nadal when you see he has won 10 French Open titles. You will also be overwhelmed when you hear that he has lost only two matches at Roland Garros, one to an inspired Robin Soderling in 2009 and another to Novak Djokovic in 2015. To win ten French Open titles in 12 years is stuff legends are made of.

Today, Rafael Nadal has reclaimed his №1 ranking in the world from Andy Murray thus justifying his position as one of the greatest players ever to have graced the tennis courts. This is Tennis — Rafael Nadal — History for you.

Tennis: Roger Federer — The Greatest of All Time

If there is one player who can qualify as the greatest tennis player of all time, it has to be Roger Federer. People usually peak at the age of 24 and wither down by the time they reach 29 or 30. However, Roger Federer is now 36 years and still going strong. He had won 17 Grand Slam tournaments up to 2012. He went into an unprecedented Grand Slam title drought since then. People had written him off but Roger knew where his priorities lie. He took smart breaks for injuries but came back strongly to win the Australian Open in January 2017 for his 18th win. If that was not enough, he won the Wimbledon 2017 title as well for his 8th Wimbledon title and 19th Grand Slam win overall. He is thus extending his lead over the next best player in the world, Rafael Nadal.

If Rafael Nadal is the King of Clay, Federer can lay claim to that title on Grass. However, Federer’s record on other hard courts except clay has been equally phenomenal thus qualifying him for the title of the greatest tennis player of all time. Roger Federer is still not finished with his quest. Maybe the 20th Grand Slam is awaiting him at the US Open 2017. However, the fact is that in Tennis — Roger Federer — the greatest of all time is still going strong.

Football — Lionel Messi — Antonella Roccuzzo — wedding of the century

If Federer and Nadal are the toast of tennis, you can rightfully call Lionel Messi as the King of Football today. Argentina has produced some of the greatest football players in the past. The name of Diego Maradona comes to the lips immediately when you speak of Argentine footballers. Lionel Messi has earned the right to be spoken of in the same breath.

One of the most charismatic players in the world, Lionel Messi has recently walked down the aisle with his childhood sweetheart Antonella Roccuzzo. This is truly the wedding of this century. Of course, the relationship is not a new one as they are parents to two young boys.

You would not believe that they were toddlers when they first met in Argentina about 25 years ago. In a relationship since 2008, they have finally decided to legitimize it by tying the knot in a lavish ceremony in Argentina. Considering the popularity Messi enjoys in Argentina, this wedding of the legend of Football — Lionel Messi — Antonella Roccuzzo — wedding of the century is an event everyone was waiting for.

UFC: Ronda Rousey — The warrior that was

From one contact sport to another, we move from football to wrestling. Ronda Rousey can lay claim to the title of being one of the most dangerous women on the planet especially as far as her fighting skills are concerned. However, she suffered a shock defeat to an upstart Amanda Nunes in November 2015.

She lost her next game as well to Holly Holm. Smarting under these two defeats, Ronda Rousey is all set to reclaim her No 1 spot as she returns to the Octagon UFC 2017 for a rematch with Amanda Nunes.

This is a tough combination. Ronda can no longer take Amanda for granted. Whatever might be the outcome of the rematch, Amanda has already done the initial damage by denting Ronda’s reputation. However, no one can ever undermine her contribution. Thus, people do say, UFC — Ronda Rousey — the warrior that was.

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