Alabama will win the CFB Playoff, again.

For over a decade now, the University of Alabama Crimson Tide have dominated the college football gridiron. Having won four of the last seven National Championships, the Crimson Tide have frustrated opposing teams and fans with their success.

This season appears to be no different. Already off to a 3–0 start, head coach Nick Saban seems to have his team comfortable in the number one spot for an astounding ninth consecutive season. Very few teams in the country can even remotely compete with Saban’s squad as they routinely blowout formidable opponents.

For example, this year’s opening night matchup for the Tide was against the №. 20 ranked University of Southern California Trojans. Now, nobody expected the Trojans to beat the Tide necessarily, but many believed they could give them a run for their money.

USC jumped out to a 3–0 advantage and kept the lead for most of the game. Entering the matchup, doubters like myself wondered what Bama’s quarterback situation would look like, and it didn’t look good initially. Using multiple QB’s, Bama struggled to find any consistency.

For the first few drives, at least.

After being shut out in the first quarter 3–0, Saban and the Tide went on to score 56 points in the final three quarters. When all was said and done, Bama left AT&T Stadium with a 56–6 victory. Absolute dominance.

Now through three games it is apparent that the Tide have one of the greatest defenses to play college football. They have the eighth ranked rushing defense in the country, something that will serve them well when they play the bulk of their schedule. Stopping the run is arguably the most important part of football as it makes stopping the pass that much easier.

The only thing standing in the way of the Tide is that they play in the hardest conference and division in college football. They will have to play four other currently-ranked teams in later months, a feat that will surely make fatigue set in to some extent.

Despite not having a great offense, the stellar defense of the Alabama Crimson Tide will allow them to cruise to yet another National Championship.

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