ESPN: the worldwide leader in drama

For being the worldwide leader in sports, ESPN spends a lot of time reveling in drama.

Far too much time and resources are being given to covering players posture during the National Anthem, opposed to the actual games themselves. Although ESPN isn’t the only to blame, the sports giant has paid special interest in the matter and even gone as far as to put updates in their Bottom Line. The ticker that runs across the bottom of the screen is normally filled with news and scores, but now contains “player ‘x’ did not stand for the National Anthem.”

In my opinion, it is not their place to get involved in social issues, yet they chomp at the bit to make it about them any opportunity they can. Whether it be Caitlyn Jenner, Ray Rice, Tom Brady or Kaepernick, ESPN devotes way to much time to highlighting drama. I understand the need for ratings, but does keeping a camera on the protesting players really increase them? Does donating huge portions of their programming to a person’s posture during the anthem really draw in more viewers?

It seems to me the ratings-desperate media giant is simply further perpetuating what is going on.

This is not an article to agree or disagree with Kaepernick, but rather to voice displeasure with how his antics have been covered. I feel at times ESPN doesn’t understand when to drop something. It was a big deal initially, but what the backup quarterback does before the game is not newsworthy in itself. I, for one, watch sports to get away from the drama that is ever present in politics, society and commerce.

Recently, it has felt like ESPN cares far more about off field/court issues than they do what happens on the court/field. With revenue and ratings down, they are trying to gain interest in anyway that they possibly can, but it’s really just annoying to me.

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