Federer, My Sister’s Couch and Podcasting

I’ll be honest, I’ve been pretty lazy when it comes to blog posts and writing on Medium lately, but I’ve also been pretty busy. After moving out of my home and bumming it on my sister’s couch, it’s almost time to launch into the next chapter of my exciting journey.

Part of my lack of motivation has stemmed from my living situation. I’ve usually been pretty good at distancing myself from distractions and focusing on my tasks at hand. Lately though after working (teaching from 9–3 with roughly half an hours travel time at each end) I get home and struggle to find motivation. Is it because I have no bedroom/office set up? Maybe. Is it because I’m constantly finding myself drawn to whatever junk TV is on in the background. Maybe. Is it a combination of the two coupled with the fact that I’m being lazy? Most likely.

A s I get my shit back in order I have tried to expand my blog posts in areas other than NBA and AFL, two subjects in which I am quite knowledgable and opinionated in. One such piece that I made was on Roger Federer and it posed the question on whether he is the greatest athlete of the 21st century. While I won’t give away the verdict of my 314th post (you can read the whole article here) it was a question that I thought should be asked more with the likes of Tom Brady, Usain Bolt, Ronaldo, LeBron James, Leo Messi, Michael Phelps and Kobe Bryant all viable candidates for the throne.

For weeks I have also toyed with the idea of starting a podcast up. I’m still brainstorming whether to do a weekly wrap of the biggest sport stories, a question/opinionated piece, or verbally read out my articles once or twice a week. Let’s be honest no one wants to listen to my voice without any other guests, so the next step is to reach out to people in the sporting world and kick that into gear. Until then though I think that I need to choose one or two of the other above ideas. Any other thoughts or suggestions are always appreciated too.

Peace ✌️