The Sports D³ Token Presale will go LIVE on October 15th, 2021!

Sports D³ Presale: Place Yourself Ahead of the Game

Calling on all Crypto, DeFi, and Sports enthusiasts!

Gaining the first-mover advantage appears to be a major reason for IDO’s current popularity. Token-buyer can financially support early-stage projects that they believe have the potential. They acquire tokens at a discount, thus their upside is greater than those who join later.

Despite the fact that IDO remains a popular option for both token-buyers and project developers, it is not an ideal investment vehicle.

Although IDO is a popular method of raising capital, macro market conditions are an important issue for projects contemplating or conducting IDOs. We’ve seen projects postpone their scheduled IDOs due to market instability, which could jeopardize their finances and product launch schedules.

As a result, the concept of Presale is gaining traction in the marketplace. Presale refers to token sales that take place before conventional IDO sales. Presales can let project developers put market volatility aside and raise financing regardless of market ups and downs, allowing them to focus more on the product itself.

Sports D³ (D-Cubed Ventures OÜ) Presale

Presale Details

  1. Payment for SD3 tokens can be made with ETH, USDT, USDC, or WBTC.
  2. Detailed information about tokenomics is provided in the Gitbook Litepaper.
  3. Up to 30% bonuses will be available to Sports D³ token buyers. To be eligible to participate and receive your bonus tokens please register to whitelist your email & Ether addresses, and remit payment to Sports D³ (D-Cubed Ventures OÜ) Gnosis Safe address, provided in the Whitelist form.
  4. $SD3 tokens with the applicable bonus tokens will only be distributed to registered buyers, who have submitted their whitelisting registration forms indicating their transaction #hash as proof payment.
  5. There is a $100 minimum purchase requirement in order to participate in the SD3 token sale. Any transaction amount below the required minimum amount will be returned to the sender, minus the 10% administration fee and cost of the Ethereum gas.
  6. The Presale + Bonus SD3 tokens will be sent to your ERC20 compatible wallet from which you sent your original payment and provided in the Whitelist.
  7. Purchased tokens will be distributed to buyers as per the following vesting schedule:
    25% — 15 days after successful completion of the IDO
    25% — 30 days after successful completion of the IDO
    25% — 45 days after successful completion of the IDO
    25% — 60 days after successful completion of the IDO

Note: Given the volatility in the current cryptocurrency market, the token balance of all participants will be recounted upwards should the value of ETH increase on the day of token distribution. This provides all contributors insurance that their purchase will track the current value of ETH on the day of token distributions.

How to participate:

  1. The Presale will start on October 15th. To take part in the Presale, you should be registered and Whitelist to receive your bonus. If payment is sent without prior whitelisting registration, buyers can still submit their whitelist form any time prior to the closure of the presale, including their transaction #hash as proof of payment.
  2. You can choose the cryptocurrency you want to use to purchase Presale tokens, and then transfer funds directly to the Sports D³ Gnosis safe indicated on the whitelist registration form. Note the required minimum transaction amount of $100+.
  3. To receive your Presale + Bonus SD3 tokens, you must include the following in the Whitelist registration form posted on the website Presale page or in the Sports D³ (official) Telegram community: i) Ethereum wallet address from which you remitted payment, ii) #hash as proof of payment, and iii) your working email address (to receive future notifications about token distribution events).
  4. The wallet address used to remit payment must match the address on the Whitelist form in order to receive your bonus [Do not add an address from exchanges!]
  5. Sports D³ will send out the Presale + Bonus SD3 tokens to your ERC20 compatible wallet as per the vesting schedule explained in Presale Details. Please make sure your wallet is ETH/ERC20 compatible, the SD3 token is an ERC20 token. Recommended wallets are Metamask and Trustwallet.

Note: * IDO offering will include 40% locked liquidity and the date for IDO will be announced after completion of the SD3 token Presale.


  1. Please remit payment accordingly and submit your whitelist form to ensure you are eligible to receive the SD3 token bonus. Tokens with the applicable bonus will only be distributed to registered buyers, who have submitted their whitelisting registration forms indicating their transaction #hash as proof payment.

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Sports D³ is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform that helps sports clubs and athletes tokenize their assets: unique content, experiences, and financial instruments by issuing tokens on a blockchain.

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